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Avatier Announces New Identity Management for the Mobile Workforce

San Ramon, CA — October 7, 2015. The global leader and innovator in the user-centric identity management industry, Avatier Corporation announces at the Gartner ITxpo 2015 in Orlando October 4th through the 8th, the release of Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) 10, the newest and most powerful upgrade to its solution used by millions of users and IT departments worldwide. More responsive, more secure and more accessible than AIMS 9.5, Avatier AIMS 10 represents a new "mobile first" responsive framework and quantum leap in web development designed to automate IT operations, optimize identity management and allow organizations to maximize efficiency without compromising security. The company will be exhibiting at booth #1043 in the Pacific Hall of the Walt Disney World Dolphin and Swan.

Identity Management for the modern mobile workforce.

Companies are demanding versatile access to 24/7 operations such as single sign-on, disabling access, resetting passwords and unlocking accounts. These corporate requirements have fueled the enhancements in AIMS 10 resulting in an integrated functional interface that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Users of AIMS 10 can now perform these operations just as easily from mobile devices and tablets as well as the more traditional laptops and desktops.

Mac Password Reset Kiosk™

Avatier continues to innovate and introduces in AIMS 10 the new Mac Reset Kiosk™. Now, Mac users, just as Microsoft Windows users have been accustomed to doing, can reset passwords without needing to log onto the network.

Secure Identity Management starts with Avatier's new Encryption Key Rotation™ by enabling manual rotation of customer-unique encryption keys. Government agencies, the financial industry, and all organizations vulnerable to zero-day exploits will be comforted to discover that Avatier AIMS 10 includes a state-of-the-art security layer that provides protection on top of today's most current encryption technology. Rotation of encryption keys for secure data and the planning of how often an organization rotates keys are now available with Avatier AIMS 10 along with two-factor, multifactor, and two-party recovery in the event the unique encryption keys are lost.

Updates to privileges now automatically update entitlements to all previously assigned users. Policy and role changes are problematic for companies that depend heavily on automated IT operations. Modifying privileges for current users, managing risks associated with changes and maintaining compliance can degrade operational consistencies and cause loss of overall integrity within the company. AIMS 10 avoids the issues of noncompliance and misuse of privileges by coordinating privilege changes automatically to ensure everyone remains up-to-date with company policies.

ServiceNow Integration

AIMS 10 now allows you to manage and create users of ServiceNow by accessing the software's user-centric identity management system. You can perform ServiceNow user management actions in AIMS such as enterprise password management, role assignments, single sign-on processes, and group membership mandates. Avatier makes it possible to capture and consolidate each AIMS event in ServiceNow.

Everybody Wins

Chairman and CEO of Avatier Nelson Cicchitto focused on three main initiatives with this release. "Designing and building an advanced mobility identity management framework, improving on security originally developed for the most secure military installations, and simplifying the world's most ‘user friendly' Identity and Access Management Suite by making it available from any device. These were the most challenging tasks we have undertaken thus far," explained Cicchitto.

"Our customers have validated this release, citing a much improved user experience, while administrators receive dynamically updated built-in contextual training videos and knowledge base help. Avatier has created the world's first abstraction layer for a contextual help system with integrated structured learning."

Unlocking the Power of Avatier AIMS 10

Concise Guide to AIMS 10 Updates

  1. One Unified Interface for Web, Tablet and Mobile devices
  2. Modern UI with Flat Graphical Layout
  3. Mac Password Reset Kiosk
  4. Encryption Key Rotation with Recovery
  5. Automatic User Assignments as Privileges Change
  6. Application Headers now include Logged-In User information and Last Login Status
  7. Expanded Ticketing and User Provisioning Support for Cherwell, ServiceNow and HP Service Manager Help Desk Ticketing Systems for ticketing and user management integration
  8. Updated RACF and Google Apps connectors now leverage current APIs
  9. Improved console and advanced logging with SIEM Integration
  10. Updated translations for 28 supported languages and dialects
  11. Create and assign emails to Active Directory groups using auto-naming guidelinesIdentity Enforcer portal screens include all user data and property requests for performing transfer user requests, implementing user rename requests, and regulating exchange email requests

About Avatier

Established in 1997, Avatier Corporation invented the first patented Identity Management enabled request system with integrated Identity Risk Analytics. Our customers access a single IT Store expressly designed to automate, consolidate and sustain enterprise operations by streamlining all business processes request through a graphical shopping experience. Our solution acts as a single system of record for all access requests.

With over seven million licenses sold globally, Avatier continues to provide cutting-edge upgrades to their identity management software that facilitates and optimizes corporate jurisdiction visibility while significantly reducing operational costs while mitigating all forms of internal and external risks.

Avatier Corporation's main headquarters is located in the San Francisco Bay area with satellite offices operating in NYC, Washington DC, Dallas, Chicago, London, Dublin, Sydney, Singapore and Munich. For more information about Avatier AIMS 10, please visit www.avatier.com.