NERC CIP Compliance Software

Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) Delivers NERC CIP Compliance Software

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) establish the Federal reliability compliance requirements for bulk power system throughout the United States, Canada and Baja Mexico. Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) puts NERC compliance software audit controls into operation in the shortest time at the lowest cost.

NERC CIP 001 Compliance Management<br />

NERC CIP 001 Compliance Management

Avatier identity manager software automates NERC CIP 001 compliance using tamper detection and unmanned administration. AIMS detects disturbances and unusual access and administrative activities. Suspected and undetermined activities automatically alert you to suspicious activities and shut down sabotage. AIMS gives you immediate reporting on all systems for governmental and regulatory compliance.

NERC CIP 002 Compliance Management<br />

NERC CIP 002 Compliance Management

AIMS provides a NERC CIP 002 framework for cyber identification and protection. AIMS actionable IT service catalog features an online store as the cyber security framework for identity and access management of all critical cyber assets. AIMS supports the reliable operation of the Bulk Electric System by automating information security compliance management of standards, roles, and entities in Bulk Electric System operations.

NERC CIP 003 Compliance Management<br />

NERC CIP 003 Compliance Management

AIMS compliance auditor puts NERC CIP 003 access certification security controls in the hands of managers to protect and secure critical cyber assets. AIMS allows you to implement a program where business managers manage access to systems and critical cyber asset information. AIMS access certification features automatic snapshots and real-time reporting of access privileges to protected information.

NERC CIP 005 Compliance Management<br />

NERC CIP 005 Compliance Management

AIMS automates the identification and controls that protect access to critical cyber assets for NERC CIP 005 compliance. AIMS user provisioning and group management software automates access to control electronic access to secure cyber assets. AIMS logs access inside an electronic security perimeter and retains audit records that can requested upon demand.

NERC CIP 006 Compliance Management<br />

NERC CIP 006 Compliance Management

AIMS NERC CIP 006 compliance controls prevent unwarranted physical access to critical cyber assets. AIMS identity access management software automates facility and physical network access to secure physical access to cyber assets and prevent unauthorized electronic access. AIMS logs facility and physical network access while retaining audit records of every access.

NERC CIP 007 Compliance Management<br />

NERC CIP 007 Compliance Management

AIMS NERC CIP 007 compliance systems deliver security management tools and IT risk management software let you manage risks like keeping up with cyber security software patches, implementing anti-virus and malware prevention tools, and access authentication to minimize unauthorized system access. AIMS automatically disables terminated accounts while reporting on access provisioning of all accounts including administrators.

NERC CIP 010 Compliance Management<br />

NERC CIP 010 Compliance Management

CIP-010, adapted from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), establishes a risk management framework for cyber security configuration, change management and vulnerability assessments. AIMS identity intelligence software graphically renders analytic trends with high and medium impact systems, electronic access control, physical access control and protected cyber assets.

NERC CIP 011 Compliance Management<br />

NERC CIP 011 Compliance Management

AIMS CIP 011 identity management, access management, and user provisioning security controls prevent unauthorized access to Bulk Electric System Cyber Information. By automating IT operations and information protection in support of protecting Bulk Electric Systems against compromise, AIMS reduces misoperation errors and system instability from improper user access and inappropriate user activities.