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Identity Analyzer

IT Risk Management

A virtual risk tune-up for high performance organizations.

Identity intelligence, information security metrics, risk analytics, trending, compliance management reporting, and automatic security alerts at your fingertips when you need enterprise risk management the most from any device at anytime.


Information Security Events Recorder

You can't defend against IT security breaches you can't see

Add an events recorder and make all administration actions and information security risks visible. Conduct an information security risk audit of all accesses, activities and administrators across your enterprise.

Identity Intelligence and Information Security Knowledge Warehouse

Change the way you manage user account provisioning

Identity Analyzer features a knowledge warehouse of all identities and their activities. Correlated accounts, inaccessible accounts, expiring accounts, abandoned accounts, unmapped accounts, and problems are all in the warehouse, and, one click away. Identity Analyzer represents a whole new way of interacting with identity access provisioning and access governance information. It literally puts identity access risk awareness in your hands and completely changes the way you manage network accounts risk.

Information Security and Identity Intelligence Trending Analytics

Use identity analytics to predict the future

The amazing trending identity risk analytics reveal information that, in the past, generally remained hidden until too late. Identity Analyzer's trending analytics prevent unrestricted access. It detects expired users and discovers abandoned accounts all through automation. Don't settle for just storing identity access someone's metadirectory. See what your trusted administrators are doing on your network and act on it. Get breakthrough access risk management with Identity Analyzer.

Unmanned Information Security

Stealth IT risk management certification

Our unmanned administrator detects expired users and discovers abandoned accounts all through automation. It acts just like a drone. Once installed and configured, the unmanned administrator fires off alerts to keep you informed. Prior to Identity Analyzer hitting the market, it was near impossible for administrators to get information such as the total number of disabled accounts and the detail on each one. Now with the unmanned administrator, you get reports in an instant. And, it's accurate and complete.

Schedule Security Metrics Reports

Identity intelligence and IT security metrics on demand

One of the most significant advantages of Identity Analyzer is its reports engine. The Scheduler let's you run reports when you want, as frequently as you need, and on demand. It's just that easy. Identity Analyzer provides the most powerful reporting tool available anywhere. On-demand and scheduled reports capable of handling every request. Executive summaries, account and group drill down, and over 40 eye-opening reports are all at your fingertips.

Collect Identity Intelligence

Update your identity warehouse & refresh security metrics

Why wait to refresh your identity warehouse when you can refresh it on demand. The powerful collect now feature allows your security and audit teams to get reports on what network administration actions are occurring on your network. Manage your user account administration risk.

Identity Management Summary

View all user account provisioning, access and properties

Get the whole user access risk management picture. Look at your login accounts properties on across all of your favorite enterprise applications, custom applications and even cloud applications. Hone in on important properties like account expired, password expired, super users, or disabled users.

Identity and Access Management Account Matching

User account properties mapped to enterprise identities

Linking accounts together from various systems, databases, and applications is an important step to complete in order to manage access risk. Login accounts exists everywhere. They typically were created by different teams within an organization each with unique naming conventions. Trying to create a central strategic account mapping database becomes nearly impossible to implement manually. Leverage Identity Analyzer's knowledge warehouse and user properties to create an authoritative account mapping database.

Identity Analyzer Identity Intelligence

Identity Analyzer Identity Intelligence

Powerful cyber security software prevention

Identity Analyzer is the most powerful analytical cyber security software developed by Avatier. Identity Analyzer makes all administration action visible. It conducts a 24/7 capture of all IT risk management certification activities. Identity Analyzer presents a new way of interacting with identity and access management user provisioning and access certification information. With its amazing trending analytics, Identity Analyzer reveals cyber security risks security and compliance management information that in the past generally remained hidden or was simply unavailable.