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Identity Management as a Docker Container Starts here!


Our goal when we created Avatier over two decades ago was the same as it is today: to accelerate the adoption of identity management. We accomplish this by providing organizations; their employees, partners, & customers with secure, easy access to applications, assets, and company electronic forms.

Avatier's identity management solutions require fewer login credentials and provide the ability to collaborate across and beyond business boundaries.

Leveraging the latest Docker container technology our solutions are cloud agnostic and are hosted by Avatier, or run on premise or in the cloud from any provider. Container technology or Identity as a Container (IDaaC) provides the benefits speedy deployment continuous delivery of cloud-only (IDaaS) providers but with greater control over your identity repository, maximum security and flexibility at the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Hybrid identity management providers that do not leverage container technology have all of the struggles on premise as traditional identity management providers.


Our identity solutions empower C-Suite Executives to use a digital dashboard to run and manage their business.

Your business runs on back-office applications. Each one is managed separately resulting in added complexity to employees, partners and customers. This ultimately impedes business growth and profits. Avatier Identity Anywhere brings all of these separate applications, cloud services and even employee assets together and allows your organization to manage them as one system.

Avatier is the Identity Management company of the future with innovative solutions for today. Avatier develops a “state of the art” identity management platform enabling organizations to scale faster, innovate quicker, conquer and embrace change, to dominate their competition worldwide.

Our Identity solutions are delivered using the latest Docker container technology providing maximum flexibility, scale, and security to our customers.

Avatier is the only company providing solutions that adapt to the needs of the business user delivering a unified framework for business processes across operations.

Industry analysts and customers agree, our identity management and access governance solutions make the world’s largest organizations more secure and productive in the shortest time at the lowest costs.

Our solutions result in the best operational efficiencies in the industry because of our graphical configuration approach versus the laborious ongoing development approach provided by legacy identity management providers.

Official Member Forbes Technology Council


Avatier Corporation, the inventor of the world's first patented Identity Access IT Store with automatic workflow, redefined the traditional Identity and Access Governance Risk Management software market. Back in 2006, we created and patented the only access management integrated ITIL-based business services catalog by fusing it with the world's most operationally efficient identity management and access governance solution.

Avatier Corporation is founded by
Nelson Cicchitto.

  • 1995, Master Design & Development, Inc (MDD) is formed as a custom development firm

Creates the world's first delegated administration solution for Microsoft Windows NT platform.

  • 1997, Nelson purchases MDD, Inc.

Delivers ROI Calculator for Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

  • 2002, Releases Password Management.NET, the first Microsoft .NET-based password reset product

Launches the world’s first patented Identity Access IT Store with automatic workflow.

  • 2007, Launches User Provisioning / Life Cycle Solution Lifecycle Management

Develops and patents the only access management integrated ITIL-based business services catalog.

  • 2012, Automates identity and access governance reporting with Access Governance

SSO SaaS Cost Savings Analysis


Introduces Identity Anywhere, the world’s first Docker container cloud-independent identity management platform.

  • 2015, Avatier HQ moves to Pleasanton, California
  • 2016, Avatier Adds Biometric MFA to Password Management

Avatier offers hosted or non-hosted solution on-premise or in the cloud.

Introduces Apollo Virtual Customer Assistant for Identity Governance & Administration (IGA. Automate any IT task)

Avatier Captcha with integrated payment and billing




Over 500 worldwide customers, ranging from the Global 100 to the smallest businesses, across a wide range of industries—from technology to pharmaceuticals to manufacturing. Over 7 Million licenses sold to happy customers worldwide.



Avatier's partners bring important capabilities that are critical to delivering complete solutions to our customers. Customer service and satisfaction are at the core of the Avatier philosophy, and our partner community is critical in achieving of our goals.



  • Privately held C corporation, founded in 1997 by Nelson Cicchitto.
  • Approximately 93 employees worldwide.
  • Headquarters in Pleasanton, CA with offices in 10 major US and international cities.
  • Products sold through direct sales and indirect channels including resellers and system integrators.
  • Avatier has partnered with dozens of industry leaders.