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Avatier Identity Management Software

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Password Reset

Password Station

Web Applications

Single Sign-On

User Provisioning

Identity Enforcer

Access Certification

Compliance Auditor

Group Automation

Group Enforcer

Group Management

Group Requester

Products Overview

The Avatier Identity Management Products improve business performance. Our business-focused identity management platform enables IT password, provisioning, and governance operations through workflow automation and self-service. Our products reduce information security complexity, while providing a single system of record for compliance reporting.

Password Station

Enterprise Password Management

Eliminate the #1 Help Desk request with military grade self-service password reset.

Single Sign On

Web Access Single Sign-On

Reduce Costs. Only pay for the cloud app licenses you need.

Self-Service Access Request Automated User Provisioning

Self-Service Access Request & Automated User Provisioning

Maximize company utilization with a phenomenal shopping cart experience.

Access Certification & Governance Platform

Access Certification & Governance Platform

Avoid fines, lawsuits, negative publicity, and even jail time due to non-compliance.

Group Automation & Management

Group Automation & Management

Elevate IT security. Automate governance policies. Ensure groups include the right members.

Self-Service Group Management

Self-Service Group Management

Eliminate security leaks. Empower those closest to the business with managing groups.