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Identity Management

Docker Container

Driving Our Success And Yours

Analysts agree our Docker container Identity Management framework ensures the fastest deployment, lowest cost of ownership & platform/cloud independence.




Avatier Identity Management Docker container cloud-Independent solutions brings employees, partners and customers back office applications and assets together to manage them as one system. C-level executives deliver growth and increased profits by managing their business from a unified digital dashboard.

Our business-focused identity management Docker-based framework enables IT operations through workflow automation and self-service. Avatier Identity Anywhere reduces information security complexity while providing a single system of record for compliance reporting.

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Unified Compliance

We build compliance and risk management into each keystroke of code we write. It’s our attention to your organization's security, which unifies compliance management in every product we deliver. Apply our audit controls across your password management, access management, and asset management operations.

Single System Of Record

Organizations must deploy a single source of truth in order to secure your company and provide assurance to compliance auditors. Our identity framework allows you to deploy a free, open industry-standard, flexible, user store to customize, organize, and manage any set of user attributes, assets and access.

Proven ROI

Measure your cost savings to deploy and maintain our identity management and enterprise password management solution. Our solutions return the quickest time to value at the lowest operational costs. We are so confident in your ROI that we built the calculation right into our technology.

Military Approved

Our solutions are designed to exceed military security standards. We constantly scan our identity management suite against the latest security vulnerabilities and hacker attacks. Through testing and actual proof, we make web application security a priority and the cyber world safer for enterprises and government agencies.


We focus on the user experience for business users, administrators, and auditors. Our user-centric attention to detail results in low cost operations and mass adoption. From our self-service responsive UI to Smart Start and our IT store, our products are easy to use and administer.

Business Focused

Customize your identity management solution through configuration rather than coding. Customization without coding means solutions that are easy to upgrade, consistent to maintain, and cost less. Enable business agility by adding new systems, users, groups, and workflow without interruptions.




Directory Independence

Leverage Your Directory - Why migrate, synchronize and manage a cloud-based user store? Instead, enjoy maximum flexibility with maximum cost control because our identity framework seamlessly integrates with what you already own like Microsoft Active Directory, any LDAP directory, and even virtual directories like Radiant Logic VDS.

Contextual Learning

Dynamically Updated Contextual Videos and Knowledge Base Articles - Our identity framework empowers your identity operations staff to act as Avatier identity experts without training. Through structured learning embedded in our solution, administrators perform IT operations, system activities, and compliance reviews with ease.

Encryption Key Rotation

Stop Zero-Day Exploits - Do not leave your critical identity management system vulnerable because your identity provider has standardized on one shared encryption hash for all customers. Our identity framework provides elevated security by offering manual rotation of customer-unique encryption keys. Rotate your encryption keys to prevent zero-day exploits. If you lose your encryption key, no problem use our two-party recovery system to recover your data.

ROI Calculator

Let our Identity Technology Justify Itself - During the evaluation process, let our identity experts prepare a hard dollar customized cost savings justification for your team. We are so confident in our hard dollar savings formulas that we built them right into our identity technology. Once in production our product usage will prove its value daily.

Tamper Detection

Prevent Identity Hijacking - Get notified when your identity databases are edited by an unauthorized outside party. Your auditors depend on its accuracy. Your Service Desk staff uses it routinely. Your employees shop for access daily through it. Tamper Detection gives your organization the assurance that mission critical audit data is safe.

Responsive Design

Mobilized Identity Management - Responsive design makes all the ways you're used to administering more convenient. Critical administrative actions like resetting passwords, unlocking accounts, deleting users, disabling access are all 24/7 operations. This means we needed to design an interface that works from anywhere, any time, and on any device.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Guaranteed End-User Authentication - Configure your identity management solution to require end users to confirm their identity using question and answer challenges, one-time tokens via SMS or alternate email address, RSA tokens, PIV/CAC Pins, voice biometrics, or any authentication method that provides APIs for integration.

Customer Branding

Instantly Brand - Customize everything from text, images and even css style sheets without any coding. Simply export our identity framework text in over 30 languages to XML or a spreadsheet. Modify it. Upload it. It is that easy to customize and brand any text. All graphical images are stored in one directory for convenience.

Endless Scalability

Fast - Scalable - Fault Tolerant - Accommodate identity access and governance growth without impacting your end users, network, and systems. Give your end users fast response time with load balancer support. Scale the solution by continually adding more servers at no additional cost. Keep your disaster recovery team satisfied with database cluster support for all repositories.

Delegated System Administration

Grant Operational Control - Limit your marketing branding team's access to your enterprise identity management system. Our identity management framework is up to real world operational administration challenges. Limit access your marketing branding team gets to your enterprise identity management system. Control who can change the user identity mapping file.

Notify On Any Action

Prevent Identity Hijacking - A robust enterprise email notification system is integrated into the identity framework. Our email engine handles everything from simply workflow notifications and account expiration notifications to complex time-based flow-controlled password expiration notifications. Best of all there is no scripting or programming required.

Exclusions & Inclusions

Limit Identity Deployment - Deny access to your phone password reset system and many more functions. Exclusions allow you to deny enrollment in self-service password reset. Exclude accounts from termination. Exempt accounts from help desk management. Suppress confirmation emails for workflow or direct reports. Deny access to phone password reset system and many more functions.

Extensible Identity Framework

Integrations Made Easy - Non-programmers can easily leverage custom SQL connectors to quickly integrate your business applications. Advanced developers can use the power of our web services API's to integrate advanced applications. Either way you can easily extend self-service functionality to integrate with workflow, portals, and additional enterprise applications.
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SIEM Integration

Consolidate Real-Time Security Events - Get advanced logging and robust monitoring and auditing by utilizing our security information and event management (SIEM) event data. AIMS SIEM integration provides user activity and resource access monitoring that compliments and streamlines IT audit reviews and compliance reporting.




Our robust identity framework core has the most industry integration.



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