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Why Avatier SSO

Experience the world’s first Single Sign-On solution based on Docker containers, making it the most portable, scalable, and secure SSO solution on the market. Avatier SSO allows you to securely provide access to public and private web applications, leveraging existing groups, OU’s, and users in your native directory. With built-in SaaS licensing management, you can reduce your cloud subscription costs by 30% or more. Avatier SSO integrates with Identity Anywhere Lifecycle management for automatic user provisioning and de-provisioning.

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Achieve more together with Avatier Password Management

Introducing Identity Anywhere SSO, the pioneering Single Sign-On solution built on Docker containers, offering unparalleled portability, scalability, and security. Leveraging Docker container technology, Identity Anywhere SSO can operate seamlessly across any cloud, on-premise, or a private cloud instance hosted by Avatier. Efficiently grant employees, partners, and customers access to both public and private web applications. Avatier SSO utilizes existing groups, OU’s, and users in your native directory to authorize web application access. With integrated SaaS licensing management, you can achieve substantial reductions of 30% or more in your cloud subscription costs. SSO seamlessly integrates with Identity Anywhere Lifecycle management, enabling automated user provisioning and de-provisioning.

Single Sign-On Features

  • Instant Directory SSO Authentication

  • SaaS License Management

  • Integrated Identity Management

  • Terms of Use Tracker

  • Auto Launch Hide and Search SSO Apps

  • Cloud Applications Control

  • Enterprise Password Synchronization

  • Enterprise Controlled SSO Portal

  • Secure Cloud Admin Accounts

  • One Click Connection

  • Session & App Usage Monitoring

Single Sign-On Benefits

Reduce Cost

Stop paying for unused software licenses. Leverage your core directory to assign or un-assign users based on their role, cutting your SaaS costs by 30% or more.

Improve Productivity

Enable productivity by automatically launching apps at sign-in and configuring applications to meet users' preferences.

Achieve Compliance

Automatically capture user approval for enterprise applications and enforce compliance with your terms of use.

Increase Security

Automate SSO app provisioning and prevent unneeded license costs by revoking access when users leave the organization.

Password Sync

Keep user SSO passwords synchronized and improve security and password management for enterprise users.

Self-Service Interface

Personalize user experience and improve the adoption of your web access solution.

Get more done with the apps you love

Password Management Runs On Your Favorite Apps and Platforms: Apple iOS, Android, Chrome, Outlook, Teams, ServiceNow, Slack, Skype, Messenger, SMS, APIs, Chat

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Automate Account Management

Automate Account Management

with Just-In-Time Provisioning

Automatically provision 100’s of SaaS applications to onboard your workforce across cloud applications.

Eliminate Password Management

Eliminate Password Management

With SAML, OAuth and OpenID support

Use an existing account to sign in to multiple websites without creating new passwords.

Get to the Cloud Faster

Get to the Cloud Faster


Support a diverse workforce with secure cloud access when and where they need it the most to stay productive.

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Design Matters

Add, Edit, Export and so much more...

Avatier SSO delivers a modern and intuitive experience, allowing users to customize their work and get more accomplished faster.

Reclaim Your SaaS Investment Today!

  • Reveal true cloud app usage for informed license purchase and assignment decisions

  • Reduce cloud subscription costs with built-in SaaS license management

  • Track and report end-user compliance

SSO Browser Extensions

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