Rule-Based Group Management Automation

Delivered as Hosted Cloud or Docker Container Group membership and distribution list risk management could not be easier.

What Is Group Management Automation

Introducing Identity Anywhere Group Management Automation, the world’s first based on Docker containers making it the most portable, scalable and secure solution on the market. Docker container technology allows Identity Anywhere Group Management Automation to run anywhere: on any cloud, on premise or a private cloud instance hosted by Avatier.

Group Management Automation takes charge of active directory group management memberships by applying business rules to data from HR systems to identify employees and their groups. Group Management Automation continuously updates groups, new memberships, access and privileges through rule based group management.

Through Group Management Automation’s workflow engine new members are added, outdated members are removed, and unauthorized users identified making group access certification and access governance concerns a thing of the past.

Group Management Automation Benefits

Enhanced IT security and automated group policy management

Group Management Automation Features

Rule Based Group Management – In many organizations, major cyber security concerns exist around access risk management related to security group membership. Additionally, many organizations experience sensitivity with email messaging campaigns and internal communication. For our customers, we had to re-think how sensitive groups were populated because their old group management methods just weren’t working.

To manage enterprise cyber security risk, we decided to ensure group members receive appropriate access to applications or email distribution list based on their job title, department, or location through rule based group management. As a result, you no longer need to manually update groups based on outdated HR reports and organization changes, because our group management software audit controls do it for you.

Group Management Engine – Group Management Automation puts users in the appropriate groups via automatic group management software and audit controls. Group Management Automation returns users to groups erroneously removed by administrators. Conversely, it removes users who were manually added, but don’t match your defined business rules.

We start by automating group membership based on employee data attributes stored in your HR system such as “all C-level executives” or “everyone in the Dallas Office”. Then, we leverage active directory group management attributes and attributes from SaaS, enterprise, and cloud computing systems to drive membership. Wemake group membership available through web-services so middleware products like webMethods can broker requests between Group Management Automation and your HR system.

Group Management Scheduler – Group Management Automation provides a whole new way to manage critical groups and eliminate cyber security risks. The automatic group management software scheduler lets you set the frequency and time when your rules are automatically enforced. In addition to controlling the time of day, you can also set the day or month or even tell a rule to run on the last day of each month.

Access to Group Management Automation’s powerful rule creation and scheduling engine can be secured to only allow certain people to create rules. The data feeds can be further encrypted to secure AD group management data along with data from other enterprise systems and cloud computing services.

Automatic Group Management Alerts – Don’t just define groups memberships. Eradicate your IT cyber security active directory group management risks. Apply a strategic automatic group management solution to safeguard trusted and compliant groups.

Our automated alerts continuously monitor group integrity and detect potential IT cyber security exceptions as they happen based on rule based group management audit controls. Secure your data. Defend, enforce and automate cyber security. Manage access to corporate data and prevent data leaks with group management software.

Test Rule Based Group Management – Group Management Automation automatically bases membership on business changes made to authoritative sources such as your human resource system employee attributes, or end user account property values found in directories like Microsoft Active Directory, and even web-service feeds.

Group Management Automation lets you test your group management software audit controls. The “Test Rule” capability lets you safely review rule based group management results before you enable a rule in production. When you test your AD group management and other rules, Group Management Automation lets you view identity matches from the target and source systems including missing, removed, and new members.

Wizard Driven Group Management – Group Management Automation’s wizard driven interface for creating rules is simple, because it is designed for HR specialists and business users. Our wizard-driven rules engine elegantly connects with critical authoritative data to enforce IT audit controls.

Group Management Automation works with your business attributes to drive group memberships while simultaneously supporting rule exceptions. Group Management Automation dynamically maintains group membership based on your rule based group management data points. For active directory group management simply follow these steps. Enter and test your rule. Publish it when you are ready and review.

Group Management Risk Reports – Don’t let your group management software prevent your business from evolving. Watch the results to your security groups and email distribution list with integrated reporting.

Manage your active directory group management membership and access risk by removing IT cyber security threats. See who is added, removed or stays in a group after a rule based group management business change.

Group Membership Exceptions – Rules are great but sometimes you need to include others from another department or location in rule driven group management. Group Management Automation automates security and distribution list group management. It simplifies active directory group management.

With Group Management Automation you can add and remove group members and define AD group management attributes. With group membership exception handling, you can add anyone from IT, an executive team, and virtually any organization to groups governed by rule based group management.

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