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Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard Reporting

Balanced Scorecard software visually represents your risks and course of action.

Balance Scorecard lets you track, manage and report your operational risk management process. Our powerful information security metrics provide balanced scorecard reporting and actionable audit controls. Get started. Expose IT risks and make better operational decisions.


Balanced IT Security Risk Scorecard

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Balanced Scorecard software represents a governance management tool for enterprise risk management. It serves the interests of your organization and stakeholders. With information technology investments, organizations are interested in knowing the effectiveness of their infrastructure, IT function, cyber security, and risk management compliance.

Balanced Scorecard gives IT directors the focus needed to assess the value received from investments by responsibly managing information security metrics and expose cyber security threats. It lets you develop the identity intelligence and measures to quickly construct a comprehensive snapshot of your organization.

Whether you are applying traditional cost controls, key operational measures, or when making forecasts, Balanced Scorecard renders a holistic view of risks for you to chart an optimum courses of action. Balanced Scorecard moves vision and strategy to business planning, resource allocation, and organizational alignment.

These measurements represent some of the most important areas for IT in terms of building a strategic relationship with the business and communicating value in your balanced scorecard reporting.

Enterprise Risk Management Trends

Visually represent information security metrics over time

To sustain operational effectiveness it is necessary to identify, at an early stage, trends, potential risks and vulnerabilities stemming from IT security, hardware and software malfunctions, outages, and physical security. Senior executives and organizations recognize the business benefits and need for risk mitigation and actionable identity intelligence.

Risk management requires metrics reporting software that can examine and assess cyber security threats and enterprise risk management over time. For this reason, a visual display of risk trends coupled with objective analytics is foundational to effective risk management compliance.

Balanced Scorecard's risk trending lets you determine and track IT risk maturity with objectivity while elevating your mind-share around information security metrics. With Balanced Scorecard, you enter a spectrum of cyber security risks and audit controls in order to plan, prioritize and take timely action.

Customizable Risk Categories

IT risk management actionable identity intelligence

Customizable categories help IT auditors focus on critical issues when performing IT risk assessments and engaging in enterprise risk management. Whether it's mobile computing information security, scheduling mainframe software patches, or cyber security threats, customizable categories gives an IT auditor the ability to chart risk management compliance into the future.

Using customizable categories and information security metrics, you report on risks meaningful to your business. With Balanced Scorecard you set up cyber security software dashboards with display bubble scoring, color coded influences, and risks' sized based on data, criticality and priority scoring to display actionable identity intelligence for your use.

What keeps you up at night? Social networks, BYOD, cloud computing, SaaS and data center overloads are all areas in which IT auditors are asked to do more. As IT risk assessment and risk management compliance reach an enterprise level, customizable categories gives you the ability to manage risks in an ever-changing IT environment.

Compliance Tracking and Reporting

Information security metrics and compliance reporting

IT must comply with increasing regulatory mandates important to enterprise risk management. This requires information security metrics software and cyber security software to monitor, track, and report to government agencies, regulatory commissions, and shareholders.

To manage risk management compliance initiatives for fiscal responsibility, public disclosure, and employee productivity, compliance tracking ensures alignment with company policies, and organizational procedures, as well as relevant laws, regulations, and international customs.

Compliance tracking reduces potential threats while improving operational performance like no other information security metrics software. With compliance tracking, you choose your controls, monitor compliance, and track adherence against security best practices while simultaneously exposing vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This unique metrics reporting software lets you track results in a secure environment for balanced scorecard reporting. It lets you assess your overall risk portfolio to pinpoint where to intervene based on actionable identity intelligence.

Compliance tracking gives you the ability to compare high value projects to decide on the appropriate enterprise risk management response. It helps you to identify and allocate resources for the most important projects while closely monitoring risk management compliance.

1-Page 1-Click Reporting

Balanced Scorecard reporting in two clicks

Balanced Scorecard provides a comprehensive, highly configurable, yet easy-to-use 1 page 1 click interface to simplify complex risk management processes.

Balanced Scorecard generates meaningful information security metrics for senior managers, directors, and executives relating the status of risk management compliance across your business. It allows you to enter control standards, assign risk levels, measure relationships against operational performance, and present balanced scorecard reporting.

Balanced Scorecard represents an innovative yet simple and logical approach to cyber security, which reflects the priorities of your business. It graphically presents information in charts and diagrams to provide visibility into essential enterprise risk management and identity intelligence about IT cyber security threats. Balanced Scorecard is ideal for organizations seeking to monitor and report on a wide range of information security metrics, operational risks, and governance policies.

Using Balanced Scorecard the relationships between multiple, complex, and inter-related phenomena are captured in one page of data entry while actionable identity intelligence is just one click away.

Secured risk management compliance organizational data

Balanced Scorecard protects in-depth enterprise risk management assessment, analysis, and compliance data by storing each customer's information in an encrypted state.

With Balanced Scorecard, your company's data is encrypted with its own key that is not stored in the central databases.

If the database is compromised using Balanced Scorecard, none of your data is at risk.

Zero-Overhead Scorecard Reporting

Balanced scorecard information security metrics reporting

The Balanced Scorecard reporting enterprise risk management value proposition:

  • No software to install.
  • No IT group required for support.
  • No delays in knowing your risks.
  • Zero overhead solution.

Who doesn't want actionable risk intelligence?

Boardroom Ready Reporting

Leading information security metrics software

Balanced Scorecard gives you a system to ensure meaningful reporting and tracking throughout any level of an organization. It helps you to visually represent the state of risk or progress toward your strategies depending on your unique needs.

Balanced Scorecard's boardroom-ready capabilities allow you to communicate with executives in a proactive fashion. It delivers actionable risk intelligence you can use to acquire the support you need to meet your strategies. With Balanced Scorecard, you establish credibility and improve the perception of your organization among upper management, your executive team, and board of directors.

Balanced Scorecard reporting leads to better decision making that allows you deliver your strategies and vision. By engaging in identifying, assessing and evaluating risks you highlight your operational successes and failure in order to make informed decisions that lower your risk profile. Balanced Scorecard's boardroom-ready capabilities helps you to influence decision-makers based on actual data that relates to their needs.

Balanced Scorecard Software

Balanced Scorecard Software

Track IT risks against your balanced scorecard goals.

Balanced scorecard software tracks organizational performance against your strategies and vision and shows trending from previous reporting periods. Balanced Scorecard's security metrics reports real time identity intelligence. It tracks both risk-related items and operational metrics such as cyber security vulnerabilities, patching, financial or any other customizable category you desire.

Balanced Scorecard's GRC software tracking component allows you to monitor progress against your defined compliance initiatives. Our balanced scorecard reports help you communicate the state of risk to upper management so you gain the support you need to realize your strategies.