Identity and Access Management

Workflow automation enables self-service administration for all users

Avatier delivers identity and access management solutions that automate IT operations and business user self-service administration. Our identity and access management software and solutions make organizations more secure and improve operations in the shortest time at the lowest costs. Avatier identity management solutions deliver a unified framework for enterprise business management of assets, access, authentication, subscriptions, facilities and even assignments.

Asset Management<br />

Asset Management

Obtain effortless visibility into all assets without errors at little cost. Ensure data consistency required for IT automation, security and compliance management reporting. Get real-time snapshots of all user accounts and company assets. Verify access certification and add to data. Automatically enforce budgets for equipment, termination de-provisioning and decommission services.

Application Access Management<br />

Application Access Management

Provide a unified framework to manage user authentication through business rules, which determine appropriate user access based on one’s organizational role, the system accessed, the data requirements and workflow assignments. Access management secures anything attached to a network including wireless devices including BYOD, legacy applications, ERP systems and network appliances.

Two-Factor Authentication and Biometrics<br />

Two-Factor Authentication and Biometrics

Present two of three authentication factors to reduce the possibility of identity theft. Challenge with something a user knows, something the user has, and something the user is. Integrate biometric technologies and capabilities to support National Security operations. Two factor authentication and biometric verification drastically reduce identity and access breaches.

SaaS Subscription Management<br />

SaaS Subscription Management

Authenticate access to multiple networks and enterprise applications. Automatically, terminate access to SaaS systems when consultants and business users leave. Standardize enterprise access credentials to data and software in the cloud. Provide secure authentication and authorization to in-house and cloud-based resources to all users for all services on any device.

Facilities and Physical Access<br />

Facilities and Physical Access

Manage employees, contractors and visitors as single credentials. Propagate identity credentials across physical security, IT security, and business ERP systems. Assign physical and virtual access management rights from one provisioning system. Automatically assign and enforce physical access rights to facilities and networks based on roles, HR policies and compliance rules.

Assignment Management<br />

Assignment Management

Make business users as productive as possible in a controlled and efficient way. Integrate solutions with business operations. Invoke self-service, approvals and a backend infrastructure, which ensures everyone remains under control. Enable business to manage all assignment with a business-centric tool. Deploy solutions with a business focus instead of an IT focus.