NERC Compliance Solutions

NERC Compliance Software Reliability Principles and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and its Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Reliability Standards set the IT security and compliance requirements for North American bulk electric systems. Avatier identity management software (AIMS) delivers NERC compliance. AIMS reduces IT security risks and lowers costs by automating access, governance and cyber security audit controls.

NERC Reliability Principles and Avatier Compliance Software

With NERC’s focus on measurable performance, risk mitigation strategies, and security, Avatier identity management software offers a comprehensive enterprise identity management, access governance and compliance management.

Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) delivers a holistic identity management solution, known as Identity Management HD, for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliance management. Avatier’s compliance management software aligns IT audits in accordance with the following NERC Reliability Principles:

Reliability Principle 3 — Avatier Balanced Scorecard software enables organization to visually analyze information necessary for the planning and operation of interconnected bulk electric systems. Balanced Scorecard software reporting features information security metrics and trends immediately understandable for planning, operating and sustaining systems reliably.

Reliability Principle 5 — Avatier Lifecycle Management software automates facility access management. Lifecycle Management’s automated controls feature user access privileges to facilities, server rooms, and physical network access to ensure the security and reliability of interconnected bulk electric systems.

Reliability Principle 7 — Avatier Compliance Auditor provides a holistic access certification view into staff access, account, facility, and equipment provisioning. Compliance Auditor gives responsibility for monitoring and assessing privileges to managers rather than IT to provide more effective security and IT risk management.

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NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Compliance

The NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Reliability Standards define the cyber security requirements for planning and operating the North American bulk power system. CIP establishes standards to ensure bulk electric systems operate reliably without interference from cyber terrorists and internal espionage.

Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) automates NERC CIP user provisioning and asset management of equipment and physical assets, application access, SaaS subscriptions and cloud computing services, and physical access to buildings, equipment rooms and server farms, and physical network access.

AIMS identity manager automates rule based asset and access control of user account provisioning and group memberships. With AIMS all assets, application access, and physical access in an IT service catalog are managed through an intuitively easy to use IT store.

The Avatier IT store streamlines the management of NERC cyber security and physical access compliance. Additionally, Avatier identity management software features include solutions offer business users and line managers self-service delegated administration capabilities. The Avatier IT store leverages identity intelligence to visually render information security metrics for better risk management decision making.

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