Identity Management HD

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Avatier develops software and delivers services that automate IT operations. Our identity management software and solutions make organizations more secure and productive. Avatier identity management solutions cater to the needs of business users delivering a unified framework for business operations.

Identity Management HD<br />

Identity Management HD

Avatier Identity Management HD represents a holistic definition for identity management. Avatier’s identity management solutions exceed compliance mandates and improve information security while lowering operational costs. Through IT automation and self-service business user administration, Avatier’s holistic identity management solutions assert absolute control and convenience over the management of:

  • Application access
  • Assets
  • Assignments
  • Authentication
  • Physical access
  • SaaS subscriptions

Avatier solutions secure user accounts, groups, sensitive applications, equipment and facilities regardless of whether they are local to an enterprise infrastructure or hosted as a cloud service. They run on any device and across platforms. Avatier identity management solutions put IT operations in the hands of business users to reduce risks, enable the ‘right’ account access and provide real-time cyber security.

Identity Management Software<br />

Identity Management Software

Avatier’s Identity Management Software (AIMS) suite gives business users control over their access, responsibilities and assignments. With AIMS ownership of user provisioning, access governance, IT risk management and password management are controlled through approvals, automated workflow and built-in audit controls. Avatier’s identity management software architecture results in streamlined audit tasks to lower the overall cost of user account management while doing it better. AIMS features an intuitively rich identity management user experience for the following applications:

Identity Management IT Services

Avatier identity management IT services apply a business performance management approach to IT risk management. Avatier’s IT services help to protect organizations from security threats, enforce enterprise policies and exceed compliance regulations.

Avatier’s IT services provide customers with the expertise to deploy solutions with flawless execution. Avatier’s IT service experts bring experience and our legacy of innovation to solve operational problems while guiding customers to the successful fulfillment of security risks and identity management initiatives.

Avatier’s IT services demonstrate proven technology integration know-how and innovation leadership. Avatier IT services offer the people, processes, and expertise for critical IT solutions. Avatier’s identity management IT services deliver solutions with a “business process first, technology second” mindset so IT investments can live up to their promise.