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360 Degree User Provisioning

Delivered as Hosted Cloud or Docker Container
The World’s First IT Store for Business User Requests

What is Lifecycle Management

Introducing Identity Anywhere Lifecycle Management, the world’s first based on Docker containers making it the most portable, scalable and secure solution on the market. Docker container technology allows Identity Anywhere Lifecycle Management to run anywhere: on any cloud, on premise or a private cloud instance hosted by Avatier.

Self-Service Access Request

Avatier Lifecycle Management is your one-stop shop for requesting access to enterprise and cloud applications, assets, and even service requests. It is as easy as shopping online, making business users and IT teams more productive.

Our patented, automated workflow establishes controls, empowering managers and operations to quickly approve access while mitigating risk, improving security, and ensuring compliance.

What good is an IT Store if it can't be managed? Avatier's in-store intelligence rapidly turns data into knowledge, providing clear and actionable insight into disbursement of access, assets, and their associated risks.

Automated Provisioning

Avatier user provisioning provides extreme flexibility, emphasizing inexpensive configuration rather than labor-intensive custom coding.

Automated user provisioning is accomplished by leveraging existing business rules, attributes, and organizational structures from something as simple as a spreadsheet or as complex as multiple HR systems.

For people who want more control, Avatier's self-service user provisioning offers the same shopping cart experience. Take a closer look at Lifecycle Management and you will find the most user-centric and innovative identity management solution available.

Lifecycle Management Benefits

Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs
Reduce costs by automating user account provisioning. Remove latency from your onboarding of new hires. Perform transfers and terminate users through automated workflow without delays. Enforce asset budgets and cost controls based on OU, roles, and user accounts. Streamline the time required for IT audit reviews and compliance reporting.
Improve Productivity
Improve Productivity
Eliminate manual processes and spreadsheets from employee requests and user account management. Automate provisioning for employees and partners throughout the user lifecycle including deprovisioning terminated, expired, and orphaned accounts. Enable self-service user provisioning requests and escalate stalled approvals based on business rules and workflow.
Achieve Compliance
Achieve Compliance
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) requires signing officers to report the effectiveness of their financial reporting audit controls and operational procedures. In reporting, signing officers must list all internal controls and their impact on access management security. Avatier Lifecycle Management automates internal audit controls for SOX 302 and 404 compliance reviews.
Increase Security
Increase Security
Elevate security by notifying managers, approvers, users and administrators in real-time of suspicious activity. In logging requests for access to systems, cloud services, physical assets, facility access, and whatever you provision, your IT organization can assert control over users and their requests based on rules and policies you configure.
Easy Lifecycle Management
Easy Lifecycle Management
Remove risks from providing unnecessary access and excessive privileges. Identify unused and non-compliant accounts. Prevent the grandfathering of access as users change roles and organizations. Give business managers control over approving requests rather than IT.
Assert security controls and corporate policies based on least-privileges.
IT Store
IT Store
Make identity management provisioning as easy as shopping online. Request and receive approval for the access, assets, and tools you need to do your job hassle free. Manage everything your organization controls through an online IT store. Enable business users to request access to systems, applications, physical networks, and cloud.

Invest in Business Users
Expand IT Capacity

Self-Service Access Request Features

IT Store - You cannot manage what you cannot see. Lifecycle Management makes your IT services visible and accessible for the first time. Through a familiar and comfortable online shopping experience, your users can request access, assets and tools they need to do their jobs. It's as easy as placing items in a shopping cart and checking-out to complete the request. All requests are automatically routed for approval.

Delegated Layout - Configure your IT store for users in specific organizational units. For users in an OU, lock down an organization's configuration, visible screens, and requestable items.
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Asset Budgeting - Managers can establish controls by assigning organizational units, groups, roles, and even specific users to a budget. Business users can then manage their assets and requests according to available budget.
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Access Management Favorites - Create shortcuts to your most commonly used entitlement and role requests. Streamline fulfillment of access requests.

Delegated Adminstration - Assign approval and administrative access management capabilities to users, groups, and organizational units.

Segregation of Duties (SoD) - Integrated audit controls to ensure policy compliance prior to access or role assignment.

Mobile Support - Use a smart phone or tablet to approve requests from your direct reports and workforce.

Risk Scoring - Add risk scores to organizations, groups, roles and individuals. Quickly, communicate risk based on colors and profile scores.

Dual-Authenticated Workflow Approval - Highly-regulated industries require digital signature as secondary authentication upon each approval.

Dashboard and Reporting - Dashboards and 1-click reports give visibility into new access, completed, and escalated access requests.

Dynamic Workflow - Leverage business data and rules to orchestrate intelligent approval of entitlements.

Provisioning Portal Shortcuts - Shortcuts make fast integration to common identity management tasks possible. They allow for easy integration with internal websites and systems, external services, and cloud computing. Shortcuts let you specify the web sites appearing on your startup page.
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Streamline User Provisioning Lifecycle
Ensure Consistent Security Controls

Automated User Provisioning Features

Automated User Provisioning - Leverage existing business rules, attributes, and organizational structures for automated user provisioning based on employee lifecycle events. Configure workflows from something as simple as a spreadsheet or as complex as multiple HR systems.

Directory Independence - Create a single system of record for all identity management requests and IT audit reviews by leveraging Microsoft AD, Open LDAP, or any LDAP directory as your authoritative identity source.

User Provisioning Notifications - Lifecycle Management's notification alerts let you proactively monitor your network for added, disabled, and removed accounts. Lifecycle Management notifications provide priority cyber security alerts immediately to your attention.

Terminations and Deprovisioning - Upon termination, Lifecycle Management's user provisioning system automatically deprovisions users by removing their access across all your systems.

Additionally, without custom programming Lifecycle Management does the following:

  • Move a user to a disabled or deleted organizational unit
  • Archive a user's exchange 2007/2010/2013 mailbox
  • Compress and move a user's home directory and home share
  • Run custom actions to complete your user provisioning solution
  • List all assets that need to be returned

Access Management Audit - Lifecycle Management logs all identity and access management transactions. It records a complete audit trail, while providing scheduled, event triggered, and real-time reports.

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