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Perform Access & Asset Certifications

Delivered as Hosted Cloud or Docker Container
Embrace your audit with confidence.

What Is Access Governance

Introducing Identity Anywhere Access Governance, the world’s first based on Docker containers making it the most portable, scalable and secure solution on the market. Docker container technology allows Identity Anywhere Access Governance to run anywhere: on any cloud, on premise or a private cloud instance hosted by Avatier.

Conduct access certifications IT audit from any device. See your list of audits due along with unreviewed identity and access governance items. Practice security and compliance management with the touch of your finger. Approve and revoke access. Allow exceptions and more. The best GRC software solution ever.

Access Governance Benefits

Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs
Deploy your governance risk and compliance (GRC) solution in weeks rather than months. Automate attestation alerts to over 90 of the most used systems, enterprise applications, and cloud services. Perform IT audits and compliance reviews with minimal training and support.
Improve Productivity
Improve Productivity
Offer an enterprise-wide holistic solution for access governance. Remove manual process from attestation operations. Provide a unified framework for security reviews and compliance reporting. Make asset tracking and access verification visible and easily available for managers, security professionals, and auditors.
Achieve Compliance
Achieve Compliance
Streamline IT audit, security reviews, and compliance. Meet or exceed information security regulations and standards for FISMA, FIPS 200, NIST, HIPAA, NERC and SOX compliance. Automate security reviews to expose out of compliance access to systems, applications and cloud services.
Increase Security
Increase Security
Reduce enterprise security risks from unauthorized access. Automate IT audit reviews and reporting. Receive security alerts for out of compliance access to critical systems, applications and cloud services. Engage business line managers in attestation audits to ensure access governance compliance.
Complete Visibility
Complete Visibility
Take a snapshot of every user and account. Provide visibility into user privileges, access, equipment, and corporate asset assigned to an identity. Prevent grandfathering access, orphaned accounts, and unnecessary access to critical systems. Enable line managers to govern enterprise access.
Universal Interface
Universal Interface
Offer a mobile touch-enabled interface for access certification reviews and corporate audits. Display pictures of users along with detailed real-time account information leveraging photos of assets, logos of applications and entitlements in addition to comparative data, compliance analytics, and color-coding..

Revolutionary Access Governance

Access Governance Features

Access Certification Snapshot - Creating an access certification project is as easy as taking a snapshot. Choose your governance risk and compliance project selection criteria. Pick a project due date. And, assign the project to a review team or let us auto-assign a reviewer from our intelligent identity store™. It has never been easier to ensure people have the appropriate identity and access governance for their position.

Multilevel IT Audit Approvals - Introducing access governance software with a built-in workflow system for automating Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) access certification reviews. Flexible compliance risk management workflow allows business users to request additional validation from others during an access certification. Once a reviewer completes an access certification project, it can be sent off for final review to another team, external auditor or compliance management system.

Real-time Governance Risk and Compliance Revoke - Access certifications are closed loop. Actions like revoke access and delete account are fully integrated with Avatier's Identity Anywhere Lifecycle Management user provisioning and access management software. Our governance streamlines the completion of any IT compliance management project. Leverage the web-services bus architecture for linking our access governance software to any identity and access management system.

Untouchable Corporate Governance - One amazing access certification software interface for everyone to use. It is the world's first universal mobile touch-enabled end user client interface for access certifications and compliance IT management modeling. Administrators are presented with more features than business users. Since our solution is a web interface, there is no need to distribute a compliance manager software. And because its graphical controls are touch enabled, it is easy enough to use without a keyboard. Perfect even when used only once a year.

Graphical Identity and Access Governance Warehouse - Making governance risk compliance analytic, modeling, and forensics available to everyone requires taking a different approach. Graphical access certification software and GRC software lets you see who and what you are auditing. With our solution, you display a picture of the person being audited along with detailed real-time user information. View photos of assets or logos of application entitlements along with detailed identity management compliance analytic data during each audit review.

Delta Access Certification Software - Why certify all access entitlements for a second time? Only certify the changed objects since the last governance risk and compliance audit. Our patented multi-dimensional entitlement, role, and asset versioning keeps data collection to a minimum. Save disk space and improve client performance for your end users. With a built-in compliance management workflow system for automation of IGA access certification reviews, our solution ensures validation requests can be seamlessly generated.

IT Audit Compliance History - Get informed when in doubt by reviewing last identity and access governance audit trails. A complete past access certification trail is kept on hand for easy referral back to what was done on all prior compliance risk management audits. Access real-time audit controls, because there is no need to restore from a backup compliance management system. With our solution, identity and access governance audits are simple to conduct and make part of your continuous improvement operations. It's an access compliance software you can count as often as you like and whenever you need security and compliance management information.

Attach IT Compliance Evidence - Include scanned governance risk and compliance documents justifying your access certification decisions. Our solution supports compliance management by the long-term management and archiving of digitized documents, electronic files, email and their attachments, multimedia, and virtually every file type. Get the freedom and peace of mind to confirm identity and access based on past actions and prior documentation. Get the full benefit from our solution.

GRC Audit Intelligence - Conducting an identity access certification validation sometimes requires identity modeling based on rich end user properties. This is impossible to accomplish if your end user identity data is not captured. Audit intelligence leverages identity and access governance data to perform access certifications any way your business requires. Audit intelligence goes beyond the static end user properties you find in most GRC software, like title, department, and location. Our solution includes real-time data like end user access, account status, account expiration, last log on and more. Optimize your security and compliance management intelligence.

Compliance Manager Software Flags - Come back to "difficult to certify" identity and access governance entitlements at a later time by flagging the item. Apply a compliance risk management filter to see flagged access certification items. Tag any IT compliance management issue for follow-up. Certify the right people have the right access to sensitive information. Track people's activities who have access to sensitive accounts and systems. Our solution gives managers a compliance management system they can readily review and flag inappropriate access and sign-off on requests when its for the right access. Our compliance manager software is always there for you.

Smart Compliance Management System - With Avatier's smart search, finding exactly what you're looking during a IT compliance management audit is faster and easier than ever. Our solution provides a centralized repository of all audit control assessments. Its easy search capability connects information across compliance management systems and IT audit groups to ensure an ongoing and up to the moment compliance management solution. You can search on a number of parameters related to the record you're looking for — title, person, department, application, etc. Your search results start appearing as soon as you enter the first letter. And there's so much more to our access compliance software.

Security and Compliance Management Audit Chatter - Keep important identity access certification communications out of email and tightly bound with your access certification history. Our solution is designed to improve IT security through internal audit controls. It lowers administrative cost and improves security by allowing managers to privately communicate governance risk and compliance issues. Our solution provides a compliance management system more secure than email. Store your security and compliance management chatter separate from your governance risk compliance audit history.

GRC Software Private Flags - Sensitive comments are best kept within the confines of your organization. Mark IT compliance management communication private to prevent identity access certification comments from being shared with outside audit firms. Compliance IT management governance risk and compliance communication tailored to your particular needs. Our solution ensures the privacy and accountability of your compliance management solution. Simply make your access certification decision, type your governance risk compliance comments, and use your finger to mark it sensitive. GRC software with absolute confidentiality.

Compliance Management IT Audit Project Status - You can view the status of all of your security and compliance management audits easily with a simply glance. Our compliance manager software offers continuous compliance risk management monitoring. Our integrated bar graph status bar shows you how many items exist in each access certification, how many are still unread, what percentage is left to complete and the date it is due. There is no need to run compliance risk management reports, because your audit status is literally at your finger tips.

Color Code Your Compliance System - Each certified item is categorized into neatly color coded unique symbol interface for your governance risk compliance quick reference. Compliance management items that are not acted on are coded blue. After you view an item the color changes to gray. Approved items become green. Revoked assignments turn red. Deleted user accounts are black. Yellow signifies identity and access governance exceptions. Orange lets an identity management Access Governance know when item certification is reassigned to someone else. While auditing, you can filter, reorder or even hide any color coded IT compliance management category.

IT Audit Compliance Redirection - Successful access certifications often require compliance management teamwork to clarify assignments. Audit redirection gives your security and compliance management team the opportunity to involve anyone in a governance risk compliance audit to help complete the project on time. All this functionality means one thing: Challenges in meeting compliance and regulatory requirements are a thing of the past.

The best GRC software solution ever




Our robust identity framework core has the most industry integration.



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