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Self-Service Group Management

Delivered as Hosted Cloud or Docker Container
Stop group sprawl and manage group risk today.

What Is Group Management

Introducing Identity Anywhere Group Management, the world’s first based on Docker containers making it the most portable, scalable and secure solution on the market. Docker container technology allows Identity Anywhere Group Management to run anywhere: on any cloud, on premise or a private cloud instance hosted by Avatier.

Group Management addresses all active directory group management and distribution list tasks, including deleting expired groups, establishing group ownership, adding groups, and requesting membership changes through self service group management and provisioning.

Group Management sustains IT security through workflow automation, approvals and business user accountability, which frees IT staff for more strategic IT and compliance management risks. Identity Anywhere Group Management is the leading self-service solution on the marketing that ensures security and compliance management of groups.

Group Management Benefits

Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs
Remove IT professionals from group management activities. Let workflow automation control approvals and membership. Add new groups without tying up IT staff. Empower anyone in your organization with the ability to create groups and add members to email distribution lists.
Improve Productivity
Improve Productivity
Put group management into the hands of business users charged with overseeing and participating in a group. Free IT and help desks to focus on issues more critical to your organization. Automatically, expire groups and remove unauthorized members through workflow.
Achieve Compliance
Achieve Compliance
Prevent groups from extending beyond their purpose. Automatically, notify group owners before removing groups and members through scheduled workflow automation. Establish group lifecycle management by enabling business users to delete unneeded groups and unauthorized members from your systems, applications, and cloud.
Increase Security
Increase Security
Reduce risks associated with group membership management. Remove vulnerabilities stemming from group sprawl. Address group and email distribution list issues related to adding group members and removing stale members. Shift accountability to business users while limiting your group security risks.
Easy Lifecycle Management
Easy Lifecycle Management
Give business owners full control over group membership management. Let group owners create groups, remove groups, and manage memberships through a wizard-enabled interface. Empower business users to securely request group membership and remove themselves from groups through self-service group management.
Active Directory Groups
Active Directory Groups
Remove redundant Active Directory groups from your systems. Prevent similar groups from being created through rule based group management. Prohibit groups with similar names and members from being created. Eliminate excess by enforcing naming conventions and removing redundant group memberships.

Lowers IT security risks associated with group management

Group Management Features

Add Self-Service Group Management - Gain trusted group management. Add group protection. Ensure group compliance. Redefine group life-cycle management by adding self-service group management with Group Management. Group Management lets anyone in your organization request access to a group.

Group Management lets business users request membership while workflow automation controls changes and applies cyber security software audit controls. Let business users request groups to add to your systems without impeding IT. Automate workflow and establish group management self service for group and email distribution list management.

Group Management Self Service - Group Management not only comes with self service group management request capabilities. It also places trusted group accountability in the hands of business owners, rather than IT. Group Management allows you to set primary and secondary owners while making business owners responsible for group renewals and management.

Group Management reduces your enterprise risk management cyber security exposure by combining the best rule based group management with intuitively easy to use self service group provisioning.

AD Group Management Expiration - Group Management presents a whole new way to practice AD group management and expire groups. It uses group expiration to prevent groups from extending beyond their purpose. This leading group management software automatically notifies a group owner before erasing groups and deletes them when they reach end of life.

Group Management stops the risk of information security breaches in your environment by requiring a group expiration date.

Group Redundancy Blocker - Through enterprise self-service group management, this unbelievable assistant lets you create groups and request group membership. This amazing group management software can even prevent similar groups from being created through rule based group management.

Group Management prevents groups with similar names and group members from being created. It improves IT cyber security and reduces confusion by automatically enforcing group naming conventions and removing redundant group memberships.

Rule Based Group Management - Group Management prevents group requests from users in the wrong department or location by leveraging user properties and rule based group management. This uniquely self service group management software lets you control group requests.

By enforcing attribute-based permissions you add cyber security audit controls, which govern who requests groups and where they are created. Group Management sets boundaries on who can create groups. Essentially, it rids your system of group management cyber security threats before they happen.

Flexible Group Management - Request additional group members. Request removal of group members. Request new group owners. Request renaming the group or description. Eliminate your IT cyber security group management risk and streamline your business with group management software audit controls. Give your business users full control over their group membership management.

Group Management Software Wizard - For the amount of cyber security peace of mind it brings, our wizard-driven interface is unbelievably easy to use. Request group creation. Done. Changes and deletions. . . done.

Group Management Self Serve Delete - Generally business owners know better if a group or email distribution list is still being used by their team. Why not let them request group deletions through self-service group management? Gain trusted group management audit controls. Add group cyber security protection.

Ensure group compliance. Redefine active directory group management. Allow business users to request the deletion of a group from your network and applications. Improve IT cyber security. Manage risk through workflow automation and establish self-service requests for everyone to delete groups and email distribution membership.




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