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What is Password Bouncer

Password Bouncer reduces unnecessary costs associated with enterprise password management software. Password Bouncer gives IT organizations the ability to reset a password in active directory and at the same time strengthen beyond its character and length limitations.

Password Bouncer normalizes multiple passwords for ERP system and user access to data.

It unifies passwords across an enterprise password management system so business users only have to remember one password for access to all systems.

Password Bouncer gives organizations a tool to enforce corporate password management software polices.It is simply the world’s most robust and cost effective automated password reset tool available to organizations, companies and universities.

Password Bouncer Benefits

Prevent the costs of security breaches

How Password Attacks Occur

The reality of hackers, compliance legislation, and recent world events are forcing organizations to make their environments more secure through password strengthening policies. Preventing vulnerable user passwords significantly reduces the chance of security breaches that inevitably result in costing your organization time, money, privacy, and reputation. Password Bouncer eliminates all weak passwords from being used by your end users as old passwords expire and new ones are entered.

The security industry has determined that 70% of all deployed firewalls are not effectively protecting the networks behind them. More telling is that 70% of all network compromises occur behind the firewall by a user or hacker attacking other user accounts.

Most users are prone to selecting simple, easy-to-remember passwords that contain only letters or digits. Simple human behavior innocently reduces the effort required to compromise a password. A smart hacker can simply apply guesswork to gain unauthorized network access by using spouse and child names, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

More insidious are freely available utilities that automate what is commonly known as a Dictionary attack. These programs compare common words from several dictionaries to compromise a user’s password. Should a hacker gain access to an administrative password and the Domain Controller’s SAM, all passwords on the network are threatened — from the mailroom to the boardroom.

Using these methods, the hacker can crack virtually any password given enough processing power and time. The key is to harden the password, so that by the time it can be compromised, it has already changed due to a globally enforced password policy.

Advanced Password Policy Enforcement

Password Bouncer Features

Transparent Password Synchronization – Transparent password synchronization let’s business users connect to numerous systems and applications with just one password. Transparent password synchronization is cloaked to business users. It ensures one log in to all systems and applications based on identity, role, and whatever conditions you set for your password management system.

Transparent password synchronizations drops help desk password reset calls from your queue. It improves password cyber security and lowers support costs with this incredible automated password reset tool. Research shows when business users require multiple passwords to access systems, applications, and equipment, cyber security risks increase.

Transparent password synchronization strengthens the security of your enterprise password management software while saving you money.

Password Manager Hacker Dictionary – Hacker dictionary attacks are the fastest way to break into a network. Hacker dictionary assaults try every word and word combinations in language dictionaries to uncover keys providing encrypted access to systems and intellectual property. Password Bouncer’s hacker dictionary prevents attacks by enforcing password policies that are difficult to crack, because words found in hacker dictionaries are simply not allowed by this self service password reset software.

Hacker dictionary also performs dictionary string manipulations for pattern checking and word list substitutions while performing automated password policy enforcement. With increased password strength, the number password possibilities that must be checked also increases, thereby, reducing the likelihood of password vulnerabilities and cyber security threats. Combating hacker dictionary attacks requires corporate password management software that pro-actively enforces IT security. Hacker dictionary makes a difference in reinforcing password self-service for active directory password reset.

Automatic Password Management – Automatic filter streamlines and automates the process of centrally managing and automatically enforcing an enhanced password security policy in Windows Active Directory and many other common operating system platforms such as IBM i-series (AS400), Oracle Database, HP-UX, LINUX, Solaris, Novell Netware, and Lotus Notes.

Automatic filter relays password change requests to the AIMS server and evaluates it against password policies before enforcing complex rules. Automatic filter is the easiest method for maximizing password strength and automating cyber security enforcement using this complete set of password management tools. Automatic filter ensures business users do not unknowingly let hacker’s in the door.

Corporate Password Lockdown – Password lockdown monitors the creation, configuration, and deployment of password policies before propagating changes across networks as part of your corporate password management system. As password change requests filter against defined password policies, password rules are enforced.

Password lockdown communicates to Password Station to synchronize a user’s password and identity management permissions across connected platforms. Password lockdown automates password reset software administration while alerting security organizations immediately of identity and access management cyber security threats. This feature requires the licensing and configuration of Password Station.

Password Reset Policy Checker – When using this password reset tool, password checker assesses password strength against corporate policies before instantaneously revealing the password conditions you failed to meet. Password checker improves the self service password reset process by reducing the time required to change a password and human frustration.

Password checker lets you know the password policy rules you need to consider when you reset password in active directory and other enterprise password managers. Password checker is also configurable to recommend a password’s susceptibility to brute force attacks.

Password Rules and Policy Enforcer – Policy enforcer lets you administer across an enterprise while automatically determining the optimal enterprise password management software deployment method. With policy enforcer you can automatically push password policies down a hierarchy and through domains and sub domains.

Password policy enforcer deploys password rules to all domain controllers in your network and in the cloud. Policy enforcer automatically checks for new domains, enables complex rules, deploys password policies throughout a multilayer complex network topology, and notifies you of the status.

Active Directory Password Reset – While Windows Active Directory does better job protecting passwords than its predecessor NT 4.0, it still possess significant vulnerabilities and limitations that are uniquely addressed by AD password reset. In most cases, Windows Active Directory is susceptible to dictionary and brute force attacks along with other tricks of the hacker trade.

AD password reset is an Active Directory password rest tool that reduces password cyber security risks and identity access management threats. Active directory password reset applies stricter criteria to compound the time required to conduct Windows Active Directory brute force attacks.

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