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Password Management

Enterprise Password Management

Delivered as Hosted Cloud or Docker Container
The Proven Way To Eliminate Your #1 Help Desk Request

What is Password Management

Introducing Identity Anywhere Password Management, the world’s first self-service password reset based on Docker containers making it the most portable, scalable and secure solution on the market. Docker container technology allows Identity Anywhere Password Management to run anywhere: on any cloud, on premise or a private cloud instance hosted by Avatier.

Self-service password reset eliminates your number one help desk request and synchronizes one strong password across your core applications and cloud services. Reduce unnecessary costs from high volumes of help desk requests. Let users help themselves by resetting, synchronizing, and managing their passwords. Users may reset their passwords anytime from anywhere using a Web browser, automated phone system, a wide choice of MFA providers, and even biometric options. Password Management help desk module is used by staff to verify a user’s identity. Ensure 100% usage with forced enrollment.

Password Management Benefits

Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs
Reduce costs by eliminating help desk requests. Analysts agree 30% of all help desk calls are password reset and account unlock related. Eliminating these requests can reduce staffing requirements, saving organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.
improve productivity
Improve Productivity
Boost productivity by eliminating costly employee downtime caused by lack of network and application access due to forgotten passwords and locked accounts. Enable self-service password management 24/7 and 365 days a year. Let employees complete their password management requests immediately without having to call help desk.
achieve compliance
Achieve Compliance
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) safeguards shareholders and the general public from data tampering, document destruction, accounting errors and fraudulent practices. SOX specifies the records a publicly traded company must keep and for how long. The Avatier compliance management system delivers SOX controls and IT audit accountability.
increase security
Increase Security
Improve security by immediately notifying employees and IT staff of suspicious activity. Additionally by logging every operation such as self-service password resets, assisted resets, account unlocks, enrollments, and de-activations your organization's security becomes accountable.
stronger passwords
Stronger Passwords
Reduce user resistance to stronger password policy by providing a friendly self-service interface with detailed feedback on failed password criteria. End users who have to recall only one secure password on all connected systems are more willing to adjust to a stronger centralized policy.
validate authentication
Validate Authentication
Encryption and secure one-way hashing of personal employee enrollment data provides increased security and privacy. End user identity verification is systematically applied through all Password Management self-service interfaces.

Password Management Testimonials

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Vic Chandar Video
Vic Chandar
Cox Enterprises
"At Cox Enterprises we have a high volume of password reset requests coming through help desk. We selected Avatier's Password Management to increase customer satisfaction and improve help desk efficiency."
Rick Allen Video
Rick Allen
Gwinnett Medical Center
"We've rolled Password Management to every desktop in the organization. We also have it published so any physician in our organization can reset their password STAT without help desk."
David Loudermilk Video
David Loudermilk
Intuitive Surgical
"We realized approximately 30% of our tickets on a yearly basis were for password resets. Password Management saves and frees up our technicians to do other work."

Total Password Management

Admin and Ops Features

MFA Biometrics - Password Management is now more secure than ever with the introduction of MFA Biometrics technology. Users can authenticate their identity and securely unlock account, reset and synchronize their passwords by using the following:

  • Biometric Face for facial recognition
  • Biometric Voice for voice identification
  • Biometric Fingerprint for fingerprint scanning

Password Management administrators can incorporate one of these methods into their setup, or they can take advantage of Biometric Your Choice to give users the option of authenticating through any of these three methods. Without programming using only checkboxes for easy configuration or with a powerful REST API, our MFA Biometric solution can be implemented as part of a workflow that requires multiple authentication steps. Additional authentication options that Password Management currently offers include: Secure questions and answers, One Time Password (OTP) email, OTP SMS, Phone, and RSA.
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Smart Start - Imagine enterprise password management configuration that anyone can follow. Gone are the days of high paid consultants and project overruns. With Smart Start, Avatier's customers' best practices and implementation guidelines are now at your fingertips.

Anytime you deploy or train a new administrator follow the Smart Start steps to ensure implementation success with built-in videos and knowledge base links. Configure and learn as you go. Smart Start provides best practices, structured learning, optimal configuration, and consistent results.

Windows Credential Provider Password Kiosk™ - Allow users to securely reset their forgotten password from the privacy and convenience of their Windows workstation's Ctrl-Alt-Del pre-logon screen without calling the help desk or disrupting a co-worker. Avatier supports Microsoft Vista, Windows 7 through 10 and works with the Windows Credential Provider.
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Mac Password Reset Kiosk™ - Avatier continues to innovate and introduces in AIMS 10 the new Mac Reset Kiosk™. Now, Mac users, just as Microsoft Windows users have been accustomed to doing, can reset passwords without needing to log onto the network.

Managed Enrollment - Maximize end user adoption by enabling this feature. This feature works with the Windows Credential Provider Password Kiosk™ and nicely reminds non-enrolled users prior to computer login to enroll in self-service password reset. After a set amount of days, this feature lets the end user know if they do not enroll they will not be able to login to their computer.
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Cross-platform and cloud self-service – Let end users securely reset their own password or unlock their account on any directory, operating system, database, multi-factor authentication, enterprise or cloud applications used throughout their organization.

SMS Authentication – Password Management supports SMS authentication through three SMS providers: Twilio and free SMS carriers. It is possible to prompt end-users to enter a PIN code during the password reset process to enforce strong Two-Factor authentication. This secure PIN code is sent to a mobile number specified during end-user enrollment. SMS authentication provides an added layer of identity confirmation because the end-user must have a personal phone with them to receive the pin code via SMS.

Alternate Email One-Time Authentication Code – For end users who do not have SMS enabled on their mobile phone or companies that don't want to send SMS codes to personal mobile devices, Password Management enrollment supports adding an alternate email address to receive one-time authentication code. Stop paying for third party tokens, smart cards and readers for multi-factor authentication. Secure password resets with multifactor authentication without adding equipment costs.
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Google CAPTCHA - Prevent automated brute force computer attacks on your public facing enterprise self-service password reset website. Protect your company from spam and abuse while letting real users pass through with ease. This functionality can easily be enabled or disabled by the system administrator.

Controlled Deployment - Choose to "Include" or "Exclude" users, groups of users or even entire OU's to limit email enrollment notification. These features allows your IT Staff to deploy self-service password reset to a limited audience and measure their usage and satisfaction.

Transparent synchronization - When enrolled users change their Microsoft Windows domain password, all other passwords are automatically synchronized.

Change locally cached passwords - Automatically synchronize your locally cached domain password credentials. Prevent your logon session from locking out and affecting access to Outlook, network resources, and directory folder replication.

Password Phone PIN Reset – Enable end users to quickly self-identify, verify, and securely reset their forgotten password anytime with any touch-tone telephone, cell phone, or PDA phone.
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Provide real-time account status – Let help desk staff check account status information for any user across all platforms to help resolve any logon access issues. Enrolled users can view their own account information.

Guaranteed password reset - Ensure passwords are changed and synchronized even if the target host is initially or momentarily unreachable by queuing and retrying every transaction until complete or when the queue time expires.

Retry notification - Automatically email end users and delegated administrators when their transaction is queued, when it completes, or when the maximum queue time expires.
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Leverage existing directory store - No vulnerable external database is required. Administrators can choose the location to store one-way hashed and encrypted answers to employee's private identity questions in any LDAP or Microsoft directory without extending the schema. Additionally, Password Management supports schema extended fields.

Customizable interface – Integrate simply with any existing portal by leveraging easily customizable style sheets and banners.

Mass enrollment - Rapidly enroll tens of thousands of users en masse, so that self-service password reset and account unlock features are immediately available. This feature is popular with universities.

Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) - The Password Management architecture is built on an identity management framework that includes cross-platform account provisioning and termination, access request shopping cart, automated workflow, access certification, group request management, group rule management, and single-sign on. Modules are instantly available with license activation.

Password Expiration Notification - Provide a natural enrollment experience to your end-users. Set a number of days before password expires and send your end users a friendly customizable HTML email encouraging them to enroll into self-service password reset.
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Question Feeds - Enables self-service password reset for all end users by using data your organization already has on each employee like employee number, manager name, hire date, etc... Leverage HR data or any other database to provide one-time semi-private enrollment questions to be used by your end users. Once used they question expires and end users must pick secure private questions.
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Configurable Security Questions - Every organization differs in policy and global reach. This is why we designed Password Management to support unique questions for over 30 languages. For example, it does not make sense to ask for last 4 of SSN outside of the United States. Additionally, based on end user location within an OU, their private questions can vary as well. All of this is accomplished at a touch of a button without any custom programming.

Section 508 Compliant - Password Management is accessible to your employees with disabilities and is compliant with Section 508 requirements.

Have Any Questions?

Automatically open and close help desk password tickets

Assisted Password Reset

Consolidated cross-platform help desk console - Provide a single delegated enterprise web console for ALL password resets and account unlocks.

Send Enrollment Invitation - We know after deploying self-service password reset some end users will still call your service center for support. This is why we created localized language specific enrollment email templates that your help desk staff can send out to end users simply by selecting a language and pressing send.

Help Desk Delegation - Large organizations may consist of several service desks around the world. This is why Password Management has the ability to allow specific groups of help desk to manage unique OUs of end users.

Universal Service Desk Integration - Automate opening and closing of service desk tickets based on self-service actions. Password Management provides robust integration with all service desk systems.

Help Desk Enrollment Email Template - Enable help desk staff member to send an enrollment invitation to the end user that contains the embedded link to the Password Management web site. Password Management's Help Desk Email Templates contain enrollment and other customizable email messages to send end-users.
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Guarantee end user identity - Enable help desk to challenge callers with "semi-private" identity challenge questions before providing assistance.

Unenroll users - Unenroll users from Password Management so they can no longer use Password Management features until they complete the enrollment process again. Free up Password Management licenses from accounts that are enrolled but in an administratively disabled state.
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Modern UI Experience - Offer your mobile workforce an all-new user interface for password resets, account unlocks and password management. Allow end users to do everything password related more quickly and conveniently from anywhere. It's a whole new experience that's more convenient and responsive than ever.

Responsive Design Anywhere - Make all the ways you're used to managing passwords more convenient. Offer critical administrative actions like resetting passwords and unlocking accounts. Deploy an interface that works from anywhere at anytime. Enable password resets from laptops, tablets, mobile devices and their corresponding orientations.

View Audit Log - Enable service desk staff to view self-service password reset audit log to assist with troubleshooting or validate end user activities.

View Mapped Identities - Enables help desk staff to view which login account names are linked to each other during a password reset, unlock, disable, or delete.

Enforce Stronger Password Policy

Strong Password Policy

Transparent Password Synchronization - Transparent password synchronization let's business users connect to numerous systems and applications with just one password. Transparent password synchronization is cloaked to business users. It ensures one log in to all systems and applications based on identity, role, and whatever conditions you set for your password management system.

Password Manager Hacker Dictionary - Hacker dictionary attacks are the fastest way to break into a network. Hacker dictionary assaults try every word and word combinations in language dictionaries to uncover keys providing encrypted access to systems and intellectual property. Password Bouncer's hacker dictionary prevents attacks by enforcing password policies that are difficult to crack, because words found in hacker dictionaries are simply not allowed by this self service password reset software.

Advance Password Rule - IT administrators need to be able to model password management after enterprise password policies. Advance password rule makes this possible through automation of your self service password management system. Advance password rule marries business rules with complex processing to seamlessly strengthen passwords and reduce identity and access management breaches.

Automatic Password Management - Automatic filter streamlines and automates the process of centrally managing and automatically enforcing an enhanced password security policy in Windows Active Directory and many other common operating system platforms such as IBM i-series (AS400), Oracle Database, HP-UX, LINUX, Solaris, Novell Netware, and Lotus Notes.

Corporate Password Lockdown - Password lockdown monitors the creation, configuration, and deployment of password policies before propagating changes across networks as part of your corporate password management system. As password change requests filter against defined password policies, password rules are enforced.

Password Reset Policy Checker - When using this password reset tool, password checker assesses password strength against corporate policies before instantaneously revealing the password conditions you failed to meet. Password checker improves the self service password reset process by reducing the time required to change a password and human frustration.

Password Rules and Policy Enforcer - Policy enforcer lets you administer across an enterprise while automatically determining the optimal enterprise password management software deployment method. With policy enforcer you can automatically push password policies down a hierarchy and through domains and sub domains.

Active Directory Password Reset - While Windows Active Directory does better job protecting passwords than its predecessor NT 4.0, it still possess significant vulnerabilities and limitations that are uniquely addressed by AD password reset. In most cases, Windows Active Directory is susceptible to dictionary and brute force attacks along with other tricks of the hacker trade.

Customer Satisfaction Delivered

Join the millions of users who are experiencing the benefits of self-service enterprise password management from the industry leader.

Real-time, scheduled and 1-click reports


Customizable ROI report - Generate executive management ROI reports based on existing cost of password reset calls to help desk. Select date range, monetary unit, and run the report in real time or at scheduled intervals.

Scheduled and real-time usage reports - Schedule summary and detailed reports of all password resets, account unlocks, failed answers to identity questions, failed password resets, phone password resets, and any other transaction hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly for administrators and IT managers.

User enrollment report - Provide a status report on all user accounts that show, which accounts are enrolled and/or not enrolled by organizational unit.

1-Click Reports - Custom 1-click reports allow you to run reports based on customer-specific requirements with a mouse click.

Trusted integrated solutions

Security Advantages

Honors password history - When Microsoft Active Diretory, or IBM Tivoli Directory Server is the primary user directory, only Avatier Password Management honors password history without storing current copies and prior copies of end-user passwords.

Silent Alarms - Critical events are emailed directly to designated employees and administrators, which ensures organizations are immediately aware of any suspicious activity.

Automatic intrusion detection triggers unenrollment - Administrators can set a threshold to automatically unenroll an end user when identity questions are incorrectly answered too many times.

Pre-packaged identity challenge questions - Administrators can define any number of enrollment identity questions that end users must answer to securely identify themselves. Security concerns preclude the use of "end-user defined" questions.

Cascading identity questions - Employees must correctly answer the current identity question before the next question is revealed. Avatier's identity challenge question presentation model prevents a hacker from learning all identity questions and using social engineering to compromise an employee's account.

Configurable number of identity challenge questions - Employees can be required to answer as few as one, or as many as seven identity questions.

Enhanced password policy enforcement - Strong integration with Avatier's Password Bouncer delivers unmatched password rule enforcement by preventing users from selecting vulnerable passwords that are easily cracked by hackers.

Centralized auditing and scheduled transaction reports - Capture "who did what to whom, and when" for every transaction and store categorized results to a central logging database. Reports can be filtered and displayed in real-time through a web interface. The auditing system can optionally write to Microsoft SQL, and reports can be exported to various standard formats.

Learn How Password Management Works

Password Management Video Demos

Password Management saves your organization money. It gives business users who have forgotten their passwords the power to reset, synchronize, unlock accounts, and test a password's strength. Watch the videos to see how.

Self-Service Password Reset Enrollment - With Password Management, an enterprise can mass enroll new users using data from an authoritative source, and business users can self-enroll. Watch the video to learn how self-enrollment works.
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Enterprise Self-Service Password Reset - Password Management eliminates password reset requests as the #1 help desk ticket. Password Management reduces help desk burden by 30% or more. Checkout this video to see self-service password reset in action.
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Test Your Password Strength - As the leading enterprise password manager, Password Management ensures strong passwords through automated password policies and business rules. View this video to experience automated password security.
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Enterprise Password Reset Phone PIN - See how business users can reset and manage passwords with a phone PIN solution. Avatier gives you the most options for self-service password reset and enterprise password management.
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Password Management Self-Guided Web Demo

Experience our enterprise password manager in a live, self-guided environment.

To begin the self-guided demo:

  1. Click the Begin Demo button.
  2. Select from 30 languages to automatically configure your environment.
  3. Follow the "Instructions for Live Demo" under the orange banner.
  4. Self-enroll and create your challenge questions.
  5. Synchronize and unlock your accounts.
  6. Test your password's strength.

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Learn How Password Management Phone Reset Works

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