Self-Service Identity Manager

Amazing multi-tasking identity manager marvel fluent in 30 languages and 90 systems

Automated and self-service identity management software allows business users to manage their own password resetsuser provisioning requests, and conduct an access certification IT audit. Identity manager workflow automation and business user self-service provide built-in cyber security audit controls which give you visibility into all administrative activities and privileges.

Avatier Identity Manager<br />

Avatier Identity Manager

Avatier identity manager represents a complete and holistic solution for enterprise identity and access management. It enables organizations to secure their environment behind firewalls and integrated with your cloud services. Avatier identity manager eliminates cyber security risks, removes user provisioning and password reset hassles, and reduces operational IT support costs.

Avatier identity manager saves IT help desk and call centers by automating thousands of activities monthly for password resets, access provisioning, and access certification and group management. With Avatier’s identity manager you are immediately alerted to IT risk management threats through unmanned administration. Best of all Avatier identity manager enforces corporate security policies while providing built-in software audit controls.

Automated Identity Manager<br />

Automated Identity Manager

Avatier identity manager automates IT operations and administration. Avatier identity manager automates corporate password policy enforcement, IT service catalog user provisioning and account de-provisioning, access certification compliance management and identity intelligence. It streamlines support operations and improves security. Organizations experience fewer governance risks and compliance aberrations.

In today’s workplace, you must simultaneously ensure business users and system administrators have the right privileges and know when their actions warrant an enterprise risk management review. To securely manage access for employees, consultants, partners, suppliers and customers, automation removes IT operations, allows business users to be more productive and immediately terminates access to systems, facilities and equipment.

Self-Service Identity Manager<br />

Self-Service Identity Manager

Avatier identity manager software features an easily customizable user interface. It comes in more than 30 languages and your view is tailored to roles such as business user, approving manager, auditor and administrator.

Self-service identity manager software gives business users flexibility and control over routine IT tasks. Self-service reduces help desk calls to free support staff for more strategic activities. For starters Avatier identity manager offers self-service provisioning and administration of user account provisioning, access provisioning, active directory group management and enterprise password management.

Avatier identity manager combines back end automation and front-end ease of use through a self-service easy to use IT online store. Self-service administration meets the needs of business users faster and with better security.

Avatier accelerates the productivity of your IT department and your entire organization to deliver real-time value.