Automated Compliance IT Audit Solutions

IT audit workflow automation, compliance reviews and security reporting

Avatier compliance management solutions automate identity and access management IT audits. Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) automates IT audit workflow and reporting. AIMS provides a unified platform for automating enterprise user provisioning, access management, access governance, information security, Active Directory group management, and password management.

Automated User Provisioning Workflow & Approvals<br />

Automated User Provisioning Workflow & Approvals

Avatier Compliance Auditor and Group Enforcer automate IT audit workflow to ensure business rules are enforced and compliance regulations met. Avatier access governance software eliminate manual activities through unmanned administration and workflow approvals.

Cost Effective IT Audits & Solutions<br />

Cost Effective IT Audits & Solutions

Avatier identity management and,access governance software is highly configurable with compliance management solutions for highly regulated industries and agencies. Avatier access governance software automates the collection of requests, workflow approvals, and reporting required for IT audits.

Cyber Security Identity Management Compliance<br />

Cyber Security Identity Management Compliance

Avatier access governance software delivers stealth security through unmanned administration and IT audits of FISMA, FIPS 200, NIST 800-53, HIPAA, NERC and SOX compliance. Avatier cyber security access governance software prevents security breaches from within your organizations and the groups you manage.

Flexible Access & Application Connectors<br />

Flexible Access & Application Connectors

Avatier access governance software is highly configurable and ready to adapt to your business systems and cloud services. Out of the box, Avatier identity and access governance software connects to over 90 of the most used systems, enterprise applications, and cloud services. Avatier’s configurable connectors enable the automation IT audits and business operations.

Identity Management Holistic Definition<br />

Identity Management Holistic Definition

Avatier represents innovation in identity management and enterprise risk management. Avatier offers a unified compliance management and information security platform. Avatier’s holistic identity management software solutions unifies critical IT audit and compliance operations, systems and activities through automation and self-service administration.

Real-Time Identity Intelligence, Reports & Alerts<br />

Real-Time Identity Intelligence, Reports & Alerts

Avatier identity management and access governance software captures a complete IT audit trail snapshot of your operations including activities of administrators and super users. Avatier’s automated identity intelligence let’s you report and be alerted to widow, orphan and zombie user accounts, access privileges and group memberships in real time.

Unified IT Audit Platform & Architecture<br />

Unified IT Audit Platform & Architecture

An expandable identity and access governance solution is critical for accurate and holistic IT audits. Avatier access governance software continuously performs IT audits of your operations, user accounts and groups. Avatier’s innovative identity management solutions are proven, reliable, sustainable and robust. AIMS streamlines IT audits and your compliance operations.

User Experience Amazingly Mobile Access Governance<br />

User Experience Amazingly Mobile Access Governance

Avatier’s Compliance Auditor was developed with the business user in mind. To perform IT audits, this amazing software requires no training for access governance policy enforcement, because the software is mobile ready for you to use. Avatier’s wizard-driven Group Enforcer performs group management compliance operations and IT audits like magic.

Avatier access governance software automates access certifications so line managers and business users can perform IT audits of their direct reports and groups. Avatier access governance software automation of IT audits includes the following features:

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