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Identity Management Solutions by Job Function

Learn how Avatier's solutions improve performance and operations

Make a Difference

Enterprise operations create challenges and obstacles unique to an individual's role. Avatier software, systems and services automate IT operations to lower costs and reduce security risks. Our identity management solutions and IT security services ensure your organization gets the most from your people and resources.

IT Director
Streamline IT operations with self-service provisioning. Automatically maintain group distribution email lists and access recertification. Expose IT governance and compliance vulnerabilities. Enforce enterprise password management policies. Perform user account on boarding, transfers and terminations through workflow automation.
Help Desk Manager
Eliminate help desk password reset requests as your #1 service desk request. Automate enterprise password management password policy. Utilize your help desk team and IT professionals for more strategic and value add tasks. Make manual user account provisioning an operation of the past.
IT Auditor
Verify user access to systems, assets, and sensitive information in real time from any device. Report on NERC, PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, FERPA and NIST 800-53 compliance audit and reviews with ease. Ensure access certification regulatory compliance. Align information security metrics with business performance measures.
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Add self-service IAM to your IT service catalog. Manage groups across your enterprise and in the cloud automatically. Make strategic and optimum decisions with identity risk intelligence and information security reporting. Cut help desk costs with self-service password management. Automatically calculate ROI from self-service IT operations.
Business Line Manager
Ensure new employees receive access to the tools they need day one on the job. Keep operational provisions to budget hassle free. Assert control over groups and employee lifecycle management. Automate access governance controls. Minimize down time with self-service password reset and user provisioning.
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Access certification vulnerabilities are known. Group expiration and access management occur automatically. Compliance issues are tracked against IT governance policies. Staff no longer engages in user provisioning activities. Unwarranted access detection triggers automated corrective actions.