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User Provisioning Software

User provisioning workflow automation unifies operations, systems and processes

Automated User Provisioning Workflow

Automated User Provisioning

Avatier automated user provisioning workflow leverages business rules and data from authoritative sources. With over 90 identity management connectors, Avatier gives you the ability to configure automated user provisioning workflow based on roles, group memberships and business processes.

Avatier automated user provisioning works in the cloud too for subscriptions, SaaS and PaaS applications. It lets you map your corporate roles to cloud access so you can extend your network and automate user provisioning workflow.

Avatier user provisioning software manages cloud access, roles, provisioning and de-provisioning to ensure business users have the right access to enterprise applications, systems, networks and groups.

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Automated User Provisioning Workflow Improves Security

Workflow Automation Improves Security

Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) automates the workflow provisioning of user accounts, equipment and assignments to ensure business users can access critical IT resources at any time from any device. Automated user provisioning software reduces operational costs, while mitigating IT security risks by providing around the clock compliance.

Through automation and built-in software audit controls, AIMS aligns IT compliance management with business performance management. Avatier improves identity management operational efficiency by automating identity management user provisioning and entitlements through approval workflow and asset budgeting. Simply stated, AIMS allows organizations to meet regulatory compliance requirements and better manage risks with fewer IT resources.

User Provisioning Workflow Lowers Costs

Avatier automated user provisioning workflow reduces overall IT operational costs by streamlining business processes and enabling business users to engage in delegated system administration. AIMS workflow automates time-sensitive and critical responses to user access requests along with the immediate removal of access and group membership upon termination.

AIMS graphical and iconic interface improves security, provides an enhanced user experience, lowers administration costs, and reduces IT workload. Avatier identity management software allows you to automate and track the entire employee user provisioning lifecycle. AIMS makes is easy to maintain identity management user provisioning, group management and password resets while ensuring access governance corporate policy enforcement.

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Government GSA Capabilities Statement Featuring Automated User Provisioning Workflow

Government GSA Capabilities Statement

State governments, federal organizations and the US military choose Avatier. As the leading GSA provider of automated user provisioning workflow and identity management solutions, Avatier offers the ability to scale to mass numbers and transform administrative operations.

From automated user provisioning to group management and password resets, Avatier protects agencies like the Department of State, Fort Knox, the SEC, the US Regulatory Commission and the US Air Force.

Avatier's automated user provisioning solutions prevent unauthorized access to government networks and timely deployment of equipment, while streamlining administration, removing errors and lowering costs.

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