Identity Management Features

Mitigate risk with maximum control & convenience.

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Risk-Driven Identity Management

Unify your identity management and enterprise risk management solutions

Technology transparency so you can focus on the benefits Avatier’s Identity Management Software suite brings to your business.

ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

Let Technology Justify Itself

During the evaluation process, let our identity experts prepare a hard dollar customized cost savings justification for your team. We are so confident in our savings formulas that we built them right into our technology. Once in production our product usage will prove its value daily.

Customer Branding<br />

Customer Branding

Instantly Your Brand

Customize everything from text, images and even css style sheets without any coding. Simply export any language text to XML or a spreadsheet. Modify it. Upload it. It is that easy to customize text. All graphical images are all stored in one directory for simplicity.

Endless Scalability<br />

Endless Scalability

Fast ⋅ Scalable ⋅ Fault Tolerant

Accommodate identity access and governance growth without impacting your end users, network and systems.Give your end users fast response time with load balancer support. Scale the solution by continually adding more servers at no additional cost. Keep your disaster recovery team satisfied with database cluster support for all repositories.

Delegated System Administration<br />

Delegated System Administration

Grant operational control

Limit access your marketing branding team gets to your enterprise identity management system. Control who can change the user identity mapping file. What good is an access control solution if it cannot limit access to itself? Avatier Identity and Risk Management Suite is up to real world operational administration challenges.

Tamper Detection<br />

Tamper Detection

Prevent Identity Hijacking

Get notified when your identity databases are edited by an unauthorized outside party. Your auditors depend on its accuracy. Your Service Desk staff uses it routinely. Your employees shop of access daily through it. Tamper Detection gives your organization the assurance that mission critical audit data is safe.

Email Alerting<br />

Email Alerting

Notify On Any Action

A robust enterprise email notification system is Integrated into the Identity and Governance Suite. Our Suite’s email engine handles everything from simply workflow notifications and account expiration notifications to complex time-based flow-controlled password expiration notifications. Best of all there is no scripting or programming required.



Control Actions On Accounts and Groups

Deny enrollment in self-service password reset. Exclude accounts from termination. Exempt accounts from help desk management. Suppress confirmation emails for workflow or direct reports. Deny access to phone password reset system and many more functions…

Integrated Suite<br />

Integrated Suite

One vendor. One Identity Management Suite

For almost 20 years, Avatier had a single focus, build the world’s first fully integrated enterprise identity and access governance solution. We are proud to announce not only have we built the first solution, but according to leading analyst firms they have confirmed Avatier has the quickest time to value with lowest operational cost in the industry. The Avatier suite was built using our advanced self-service password reset platform. Now we are adding risk intelligence analytics, dashboards and reporting.