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Automated User Provisioning Workflow

User provisioning delegation and processes through automation and self-service

User provisioning workflow automation lets you provision new hires, conduct transfers and de-provision terminated employees while cutting costs and delays. User provisioning workflow automation allows for group management of members with group policy enforcement.

New Hire

New hire user account setup and employee transfers are typically manual and semi-automated disconnected time consuming processes. Business users may require access to multiple assets, applications, subscription services, facilities and even biometric access to networks. For many organizations user provisioning operations require a significant amount of IT administration and can take weeks.


Terminations require de-provisioning users and represent a time sink. When left undone orphaned accounts create compliance and security risks and system vulnerabilities. Unattended accounts also present audit issues when terminated user accounts are not disabled. With time saving from automatic de-provisioning, IT staff can be redirected to more critical security and administrative tasks.


Role-based access management is the foundation of a user provisioning system. Roles and rule based user provisioning and group management take the guesswork out of identity and access management. Roles ensure uniform access management and privileges. They enable the automation of access management and prevent inappropriate user access and security issues.


Legal, regulatory and corporate policies require information on current and former business users regarding the systems they access and actions taken. User provisioning systems give you an audit trail for active and inactive business user accounts. Through automated user provisioning, access governance audits take significantly less time and reduce risks.

User Experience

User provisioning automation and self-service administration provide business users the right access to the systems they need in real-time. Automated user provisioning allows business users to be productive as soon as they arrive on the job their first day. User provisioning automation reduces help desk calls for manual access management requests.


Configuration with single sign-on (SSO) solutions, enterprise applications and cloud computing services reduces the time to deploy a user provisioning from months to weeks. Configuration saves development and administration time while reducing the risk of a failed rollout. Configuration is an important criteria when evaluating user provisioning vendors and solutions.

Help Desk

Help desk high volume calls lead to dissatisfied users and negatively impact operations. User provisioning systems decrease incoming help desk calls, because business users request access via a self-service approval system. User provisioning systems decrease the volume of password reset and user provisioning calls saving time while reducing help desk burden.