Group Management Innovation

The most effective enterprise group management software options available

Group Self-Service, with self-service group management, represents the most agile and lean way for an enterprise to manage and provision groups. Group Enforcer gives you a powerful wizard to configure, automate and manage group members, email distribution, IT audits, role based access control and group security policies. Avatier group management software just made IT’s job a lot easier.

Self-Service Group Management Software<br />

Self-Service Group Management Software

Group Self-Service embodies the most effective way to manage group identities through self-service group management administration and automated workflow. It places group accountability in the hands of business owners not IT. With Group Self-Service, business users request membership and take responsibility for group renewals and management. It enables self-service group membership administration through automated approvals and prevents groups from extending beyond their purpose. Group Requester even prevents similar groups from being created by establishing group naming conventions.

Group Requester uses attribute-based permissions to control group requests and membership. It sets boundaries on who can create groups and prevents group requests from wrong departments, locations and lines of business. It rids your operation of mistakes before they happen. Group Self-Service can scale to any size of enterprise. Its powerful workflow automation rules’ engine makes active directory group management easy and secure. Group Self-Service is the most agile and lean way for an enterprise to practice AD group management.

Automatic Group Management Software<br />

Automatic Group Management Software

Group Enforcer represents a radically different approach to the management of security groups and email distribution lists. It automates active directory group management and membership to ensure users are in the appropriate groups. Group Enforcer’s wizard-driven rules engine connects with critical authoritative data. It works with business attributes to determine AD group management memberships while supporting rule based group management exceptions. Group Enforcer provides a new way to manage groups and ensure group access governance compliance, because groups and distribution lists are always up to date.

Group Enforcer automates group management so membership receive appropriate rights to systems, assets and facilities based on whatever criteria you choose to enforce. With Group Enforcer, you no longer need to manually update groups. It comes with rich out of the box reporting capabilities, so you know the status of automated groups and IT security risk. Using data-driven membership, concerns around unauthorized access to sensitive resources and audit concerns are eliminated. With Group Enforcer, group membership and distribution list management could not be easier.