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For companies lacking an automated password reset tool, password reset requests represent a signification portion of IT help desk tickets. When you automate requests to your ITIL service catalog, like user access provisioning, active directory group management, and access certification requests, you change the way your IT organization operates. IT staff can spend time on higher order priorities, while you service more people, operate with fewer staff, and all the while simultaneously reduce your IT cyber security risks through automation and self-service system administration.

Avatier identity and access management software offers a password reset tool that automatically resets end user passwords without help desk involvement. Imagine opening a ticket, entering the help desk password reset request, storing the information, closing the ticket and capturing your information security metrics through automation. The savings add up fast.

Avatier identity management software manages automated user provisioning requests across an enterprise as well. Whether you make requests to an actionable service catalog or a corporate user provisioning system, Avatier automatically connects to Active Directory and over 80 system connectors to bring you immediate identity and access management through automated user provisioning workflow and built-in cyber security audit controls.

Avatier identity management software makes it easy for organizations to automate track and audit help desk tickets.Avatier’s user provisioning system includes tools for you to write your own identity management user provisioning and enterprise password manager to connect to custom systems, ERP software and cloud computing services.

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