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The Avatier password reset tool automates password resets so business users can perform self-service password management. Avatier's password reset tool lets administrators as well as business users unlock accounts, synchronize passwords and manage their authentication questions. Password reset tools reduce the help desk burden and ensure continuous access to your enterprise systems and applications.
Avatier Offers

Avatier Offers

  • Self-service password management 24 x 7
  • 100% usage with forced enrollment
  • Stronger passwords
  • Real-time, scheduled and 1-click reports

Avatier’s user provisioning software features IT automation and business user self-service. The Avatier identity management suite (AIMS) includes Identity Enforcer for user account provisioning and Group Requester for self-service group management. Avatier’s user provisioning software ensures people have the right access to systems, subscriptions, facilities, assets, groups and assignments.

Password Reset Tool Features

Password reset tools allow IT help desk requests to be performed through automation and self-service delegated administration. The most common password reset activities include:

  • Mass enrollment of an organization’s existing user accounts prior to deployment.
  • Automatic enrollment once a new account is accessed.
  • Password reset requests when passwords are forgotten.
  • Password unlock requests for network applications, security tokens, smart card, and even facility access.
  • Password policy enforcement ensures automatic adherence to corporate password policies.
  • Password change requests.
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Automated Password Reset Tool

Automated Password Reset Tool

Password resets represent a time-consuming help desk activity particularly for active directory password reset requests. Avatier’s password reset tool, Password Management, automatically resets and synchronizes redundant active directory and enterprise system passwords.

Best of all, Password Management automatically completes help desk password reset ticketing, while calculating an organization’s return on investment (ROI). Password Management delivers the fastest ROI at the lowest cost of ownership by eliminating the #1 help desk request and providing a better way to conduct enterprise password management.

Self-Service Password Reset Tools

Self-Service Password Reset Tools

Avatier Password Management, a self-service password reset tool. It enables business users to securely reset, unlock and manage their user accounts.

With Password Management business users can determine their number of challenge questions and answers. They choose when to expire a password and test a password’s strength.

Password Management makes the password management more secure, because business users select their own challenge questions and receive automated coaching when passwords fail to meet corporate password policies.

Password Reset Tool User Experience

Password Management’s graphical user interface makes password reset and password management tasks easy. It automatically gives business users and administrators by giving real time feedback when a password fails to comply with corporate password policies.

Password Management allows for full customization and branding of the password reset tool interface. It includes an iconic graphical interface that can be localized in over 30 languages.

Password Management lets you customize everything from text, images and even css style sheets without coding. It is simply the most configurable password reset tool available.

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