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Access Records through Workflow Automation

Automate business rules to ensure FERPA compliance and student privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects student privacy. FERPA regulations and laws apply to all schools receiving funds under the U.S. Department of Education. Avatier identity management software suite automates FERPA guidelines, business rules and workflow for access to student records, personally identifiable information and directory information.

FERPA Citation Section AIMS Description
99.2 Purpose AIMS Protect parent and students access to systems containing records governed under the General Education Provisions Act.
99.3 Definitions Identity Enforcer Automate Family Education and Privacy Act of 1974 business rules for access to FERPA systems of record.
99.4 Parents Rights Identity Enforcer Manage parent access under Act to learning management system (LMS) and other systems of record.
99.5 Student Rights Identity Enforcer Manage student access rights and access to systems according to FERPA regulations and institutional rules.
99.7 Annual Notifications Group Enforcer Automate workflow between systems for group membership notifications and communication to students, parents & groups.
99.8 Legal Records Identity Enforcer Manage access privileges to facilities, physical systems and equipment according to local, state and federal laws.
99.10 Record Reviews Identity Enforcer Manage parent and student access to systems containing records governed by FERPA regulations.
99.11 Charge Fees Identity Enforcer Automate access management business rules to charge fees when appropriate for copies of educational records.
99.12 Review Limitations Identity Enforcer Automate student access restrictions to systems containing parental financial and confidential information.
99.20 Amending Records Identity Enforcer Fulfill requests to amend student records through workflow automation and a business rule enforced approval system.
99.30 Disclosure Consent Identity Enforcer Apply prior consent disclosure business rules for access to systems with personally identifiable information.
99.31 Consent Not Required Identity Enforcer Allow access to systems with personally identifiable information when consent not required conditions are met.
99.32 Record Keeping Identity Enforcer Provision access to systems for disclosure of personally identifiable information under the Act.
99.33 Redisclosure Identity Enforcer Comply with Act when granting 3rd parties access to systems with personally identifiable information.
99.34 Institutional Disclosure Identity Enforcer Automate system and process workflow for student notifications when records are sent to another school.
99.35 Government Disclosure Compliance Auditor Allow audit access to learning management system (LMS) and other systems of record used for evaluations by State and Federal agencies.
99.36 Health & Safety Identity Enforcer Automate system workflow for the release personally identifiable information when student health and safety are in question.
99.37 Directory Information Identity Enforcer Customize access management rules and workflow for releasing personally identifiable directory information.
99.38 Juvenile Justice System Identity Enforcer Automate and manage access to systems as permitted by State statute after November 19, 1974.
99.39 Disciplinary Disclosure Identity Enforcer Permit access to systems and automate workflow for nonconsensual disclosure of records for disciplinary proceeds.
99.61 State & Local Laws Identity Enforcer Identify for disclosure access management State and local laws that require business rules in conflict with FERPA regulations.
99.62 Office Requirements Compliance Auditor Automate workflow for managing groups and reporting on policies, procedures and annual notifications.