Global Operations

Avatier global operations extend from the Americas to Europe, Africa & the Pacific Rim

Internationalization and Localization<br />

Internationalization and Localization

Avatier offers vertically integrated products that readily configure to deliver identity management and information security to companies across industries and borders. Avatier’s identity management software ships with internationalization capabilities in over 30 languages, formats, and currencies. Avatier helps you localize solutions to language varieties, systems of measurement, and even date, telephone and address conventions.

Wherever we operate, we help enterprises; universities and governments meet economic and IT security goals along with region and industry specific compliance regulations. Our goal is to deliver products, services and solutions that accomplish our customers’ business objectives regardless of where they are and what they produce.

Global Time to Value<br />

Global Time to Value

Through rapid response information security deployments, Avatier’s global operations solve our customers’ problems. By leveraging our patented workflow automation software, we make operations lean and efficient. With more than 90 applications, systems and database connectors available upon installation, typically, our customers achieve their objectives within their resources and support capabilities to exceed expectations.

With Avatier, internationalization is considered from the beginning, because we seek to align enterprise information security best practices with our customers’ business requirements. For enterprises that operate across international borders, our identity and access management software ensures global requirements are met. Avatier solutions assure business users, regardless of their location, only see the information that they should.

Promoting Market Leadership<br />

Promoting Market Leadership

An easily localized business user interface is an easy way to control costs and ensure productivity. Although localizing the user experience is an important part of adoption, our visually rich easy to use interface goes beyond the removal of language barriers. Through the use of conventions, like an online shopping cart, Avatier solutions help our customers compete in a global market.

As our identity management systems show, Avatier views cultural, linguistic and technological pluralism as a strategic advantage. At Avatier, we take doing business in an international market seriously. In thinking through internationalization issues, we help our customers apply business strategies so they can thrive in global and local marketplaces.