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Avatier automates IT operations while enabling self-service business user administration of user provisioning, access certification, IT risk management and enterprise password management. Our identity management software adapts to business users and organizational operations to deliver a unified framework for business operations and business performance management.

User Provisioning<br />

User Provisioning

Avatier offers an IT store for self-service and automated user provisioning. Avatier’s user provisioning software lets business users request and receive access to assets, applications and groups. The IT Store lets business users request and receive provisioning from their IT service catalog as easy as shopping online.

Access Governance<br />

Access Governance

Avatier access governance software delivers audit controls to address compliance risk management security. It is the ultimate compliance manager software for identity and access governance anytime anywhere accountability. Avatier automates compliance management of virtually any system or asset on your network.

IT Risk Management<br />

IT Risk Management

Avatier IT risk management software gives a complete view of all enterprise user accounts and organizational risks. It provides audit controls to identify cyber security threats and risks. Avatier IT risk management software collects identity intelligence, pinpoints vulnerabilities and reports on balanced scorecard goals.

Password Management<br />

Password Management

Avatier delivers the world’s most trusted password reset tool for self-service password management, password enrollments, password synchronization and password policy enforcement. It gives business users self-service password management capabilities via the web, automated phone systems and more.

Service Catalog<br />

Service Catalog

Avatier service catalog is an online store and request management system for business and IT services. Service catalog automates user account management, provisioning and compliance management operations. Workflow Manager automates workflow approval for business users, departments and organizational requests for assets, system access and facility access.