Access Governance Software

IT compliance management access governance software with workflow automation

Avatier’s access governance software automates access certification compliance management and Active Directory group management. Avatier’s Identity Management Software (AIMS) features Compliance Auditor for access certification governance risk and compliance management and Group Enforcer, automatic group management software. Avatier’s access governance software audit controls and reporting manage individual and group compliance risks automatically.

Compliance Auditor Access Governance<br />

Compliance Auditor Access Governance

Automate identity and access governance reporting

Compliance Auditor provides enterprises a holistic means to manage, audit and report identity and access governance risks. Compliance Auditor pinpoints and alerts you to IT and cyber security access certification risks. Compliance Auditor lets line managers and corporate auditors perform key access governance IT audit activities. Compliance Auditor aligns IT compliance management audits with business operations.

Compliance Auditor’s GRC software audit controls empower those closest to the business with sustaining identity and access governance security. Each year numerous security breaches occur as a result of unauthorized access from business users inside an organization who possess inappropriate access to applications, data, equipment and facilities. Compliance Auditor gives line managers, internal and external auditors an immediately available means to view, revoke and report on improper enterprise-wide access certifications.

Avatier recognizes deploying access governance software at an enterprise level is catching on as a proactive and preventative approach to compliance management.

From a security and accountability perspective, Compliance Auditor automates and manages access certifications and user account reporting to reduce the manual complexity and costs of identifying and removing access governance risks. Avatier’s access governance software not only makes IT audits and compliance management more efficient, it reduces offers a quickly implementable fully automated solution.

Group Enforcer Automatic Group Management Software<br />

Group Enforcer Automatic Group Management Software

Automatic group management software reduces IT risks

For today’s organizations, one employee with the wrong access can pose a serious threat like lost revenue, damaged customer relationships and brand. Group Enforcer gets rid of inactive, obsolete and unwanted groups to make your enterprise more secure from governance risk and security breaches.

Group Enforcer reduces the IT staff hours required to enforce access governance by leveraging rule based group management with automated user provisioning workflow. As a discipline, Group Enforcer lets you practice rule based group management to define teams, privileges and memberships automatically in an Active Directory environment.

By applying business rules to HR and directory attributes, IT information security threats are reduced, because group members and distribution lists are automatically updated on a schedule. New members are added. Outdated and unauthorized members are removed. And, unrivaled group risk management is ensured.

Group Enforcer’s group management software wizard gives you a complete set of tools for automatic group management administration and reporting. Group Enforcer enables unmanned administration of repetitive and time consuming tasks. Group Enforcer prevents manual errors and saves IT administration time to reduce the costs associated with group access governance. Group Enforcer retains a complete history of all group management administrative actions that can be viewed, retained and flexibly managed for as long and as often as your IT compliance management policies stipulate.