Service Catalog

A unified business and IT services catalog with an intelligent workflow approval manager

Reduce the complexity of your request management and fulfillment processes for business management, enterprise operations, and IT services.

Avatier Service Catalog

Avatier Service Catalog

Self-service now with access governance

Service Catalog offers an online shopping user experience for business and IT service requests and administration. With Service Catalog, you ‘shop’ for assets, assignments, and access, and whatever you need. Whether you are an employee, consultant, partner, supplier, or even a customer, Service Catalog’s self-service portal ensures a flexible secure request management system through its graphical intuitive interface and automated workflow approval.

With workflow automation software managing fulfillment, Service Catalog routes requests, regardless of their complexity, to the appropriate approvers and systems. Service Catalog transforms the way organizations perform service catalog management, or asset budgeting, which tallies the cost of assets against budgets and whatever conditions you specify.

Service Catalog readily configures to over 90 of the leading enterprise applications and cloud services out-of-the-box along with custom systems and workflows. It streamlines operations while providing visibility into user account activities, organizational spending, and budgets, and approving managers. With Service Catalog business users can request and receive the assets, access and services they need. Service Catalog alerts you to the asset management transactions and conditions you specify. It captures a complete audit trail for real-time and scheduled audit review and other reports.

Avatier Workflow Manager

Avatier Workflow Manager

Request management automation and approvals

Workflow Manager simplifies the request management approval process by giving you a tool to act with confidence and assurance. Workflow Manager delivers an easy-to-use graphical touch interface for approving requests with complex conditions and multilevel approvals. Workflow Manager segments and routes approval requests according to the options you specify and escalation paths you configure. Workflow Manager makes business processes for receiving, assigning, and fulfilling requests transparent and compliant.

Workflow Manager streamlines response to business user requests through workflow automation, alerts, and notifications. Upon a service catalog, access management, or business operations request, Workflow Manager instantly sends notifications to initiate the approval process. When corporate policies, compliance regulations, and governance conditions are unmet, Workflow Manager automatically re-routes and reassigns the request.

Workflow Manager sustains operations by giving business users, approving managers and administrators a holistic and visual view of requesters; their assets, access privileges, and even assignments. Workflow Manager ensures process flow for all requests associated to user accounts, groups and organizations. Workflow Manager gives you and your organization an agile way to configure systems, connect enterprise systems through authoritative sources, and enable workflow automation and compliance management.