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Service Catalog
An IT Store for Asset Risk Management
Self-service now with access governance.
IT Store
1-click shopping for assets, access, and assignments.
Self-Service Portal
A business user self-service action request system.
Secure effortless control of processes and approvals.
Service Catalog
Shop your service catalog while enforcing asset budgets.
Priority alerts on any device immediately at your fingertips.
Service Catalog
Service Catalog

An IT Store for Asset Risk Management

Self-service now with access governance.

Unify your IT service catalog and business service operations. Enable asset management, assignment management and access management through an actionable service catalog. Streamline routine request management operations through self-service and workflow automation.


Business and IT Service Catalog In One Online Store

Service catalog software as easy as shopping online

Service Catalog uses an online shopping user experience for IT and business service administration. Service Catalog lets you request and receive approval for the assets, assignments, access, and whatever you need to do your job hassle free. Service Catalog lets you manage and administer through a self-service portal and online store like no other.

With Service Catalog, your IT staff can now see and index everything they manage through a graphical ITIL service catalog interface. Best of all, Service Catalog's comes fully integrated with Avatier's complete identity and access governance software suite. Service Catalog represents a complete paradigm shift in asset management. With a self-service portal and workflow automation, asset allocation, and provisioning, the entire gamut of request management becomes as easy as shopping online.

Workflow Automation Software

Service catalog accountability assured

We started by inventing the identity management IT Store with self-service provisioning to streamline operations and eliminate delays in user account management. Next, we patented our workflow automation software along with our access management validation software.

With workflow automation as part of the online store architecture, our self-service catalog puts accountability in the hands of trusted business users rather than IT and help desk staff. Our automated workflow lets you 'shop' for resources while giving the appropriate management controls over approvals just like shopping online.

Service Catalog Management with Asset Budgeting

Control service catalog management spending

Service Catalog revolutionizes identity and asset management with an online store with a workflow automation approval system and compliance reporting. Service Catalog delivers asset budgeting with built-in compliance management audit controls. Service Catalog's asset budgeting keeps a running tally of all asset requests and approvals against their budgets.

As your shopping cart fills up, it's checked against your budget balance so everyone can manage their assets according to plan, while knowing your choices and available spend. With Service Catalog, budgets are assigned to organizational units, groups and even users accounts. Asset Budgeting assures ITIL service catalog flexibility and adherence to the bottom line.

Put service catalog requests in the hands of the business

The Service Catalog online store is a whole new way for people to request assets, facility access, access to applications, and even assignments. Service Catalog gives business users a self-service action request system for business and IT services.

Service Catalog makes operations more efficient. It provides you visibility into the user accounts, budgets and approving managers. You can now solve almost any asset management and access management request with automated workflow and an online store.

Business and IT Service Catalog Alerts and Notifications

Business service catalog management real time alerts

Service Catalog logs and alerts you to all asset management transactions you specify. It records a complete audit trail, while providing scheduled, event triggered, and real-time reports.

Service Catalog's notifications proactively monitor and alert you to new requests, denied requests, and requests in the process of fulfillment. Notifications also immediately trigger security alerts according to the tolerance you set.

New Hire, Transfer and Termination Service Catalog Request Management

Automate new hire provisioning, transfers & terminations

For new hires, transfers and terminations, Service Catalog automatically completes the request through workflow automation. Without custom programming, Service Catalog does the following:

  • Add user accounts automatically from an authoritative source
  • Archive user requests and account histories
  • Move a user's home directory and home share upon transfer
  • Run custom actions to complete or terminate assignments
  • Eliminate IT security concerns and human error

Dynamic Service Catalog Software UI

Self-service catalog with business process management

We knew inventing an online service catalog with automated workflow would revolutionize asset management, access provisioning, and assignment management. We thought how can we take the best identity and access management solution available and even easier for service catalog management?

With business users in mind, we then built the world's first dynamic ITIL service catalog user interface on top of our IT Store. Dynamic UI allows organizations to customize and limit every view into their online store based on business attributes like department, location, title, and risks. Service Catalog gives you service catalog management with configurable and customizable user interface controls without programming and custom development.

Service Catalogue Shortcuts

Service catalogue operational efficiency

Shortcuts make fast integration to common service catalogue tasks possible. Short cuts allow for easy integration with internal websites and systems, external services, and cloud computing. Shortcuts let you specify the web sites appearing on your startup page and self-service portal. By the same token, deep linking support lets you control the service catalog features displayed at startup and throughout the session.

Avatier Service Catalog Online Store

Avatier Service Catalog Online Store

Online request management with workflow automation

Service Catalog is an online store and request management system for business and IT services. Service Catalog enables self-service asset management, user provisioning, access management, and facility access requests. With Service Catalog business users can request and receive the assets, access and services they need.

Through an online store, business users can make requests as easy as shopping online. With the Service Catalog online store, this user request management software automates the most common user account services and provisioning tasks to free IT and business operations for more critical security risks.

Service Catalog provisions, deprovisions and performs compliance management operations as well through built-in audit controls. Upon termination, Service Catalog automatically disables access management across all enterprise systems and facilities to safeguard against IT and security risks.