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Avatier Newsletter Q4 2011


New Avatier Approver for Apple iPad

Granting requests for access to enterprise and cloud-based applications — or assets — no longer means being tied to your desk.

With the new Avatier Approver application for the Apple® iPad®, the world's first mobile Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, you view the details of self service store requests for enterprise roles, privileges, and assets anywhere you want to be. You approve, deny or remove access rights for any user to any application in your enterprise — whether you're on the go or on the beach. And you still have the same override capabilities you're used to. Security? Not an issue because the app features a logon using any standard director domain credentials.

The application leverages Avatier's patented workflow technology and push notification to alert you when access requests are submitted through Avatier's Identity Enforcer software. And the app includes the same familiar Avatier Approver and Workflow Administrator features and interface you have on your desktop, including a dashboard view of all items requiring your attention.

Avatier Approver actions are fully audited so you can still have the benefits of comments, reports and compliance in your audit trail offered by all the products in the Avatier Identity Management Suite.To take advantage of all the app has to offer, contact your sales representative, and start taking advantage of one less reason to be tied to that desk.


Not All Identity Management Systems are the Same

Welcome to the first issue of the Avatier customer newsletter!

In every newsletter, we'll give you thought-provoking industry commentary, new product and event news, and other information you can use to be more productive in your job, without taking too much time away from that job.

Because we know that, in this economy, it's all about speed. Speed of employee onboarding and user provisioning. Speed of access request approval and revocation. Speed of user password resets. Speed of identifying users before your help desk provides support. And speed of that support itself.

Avatier delivers the fastest time-to-value and the highest operational efficiency in the industry—across all of our products, services, and interactions.

No other Identity and Access Management (IAM) vendor can make that claim.

So read on. Let us know what you think. And see how Avatier can help you do your job faster, better, and more securely.

Tech Tips

Let your users know when they've been approved!

Let your users know when they've been approved!

The Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) contains a multitude of email templates that generate automatic messages for most system actions, speeding workflow and productivity.

For example, you can automatically alert an approver that items are waiting for his approval, advise an end-user that her access request has been approved, or inform a user when he has been successfully enrolled in Password Station.

The subject and body of each email template are fully customizable and you can use Avatier substitution variables to provide the email recipient with all the information she needs to complete the action. During configuration, notifications may be sent to users who are not aware that AIMS is being installed and tested in the organization. Additionally, administrators may want to preview the format of the email messages prior to production cutover.

To alleviate any potential problems or issues with email notifications sent prior to production cutover, includes a feature that allows you to specify an override email address that acts as a temporary recipient of all email notifications sent by the Avatier system. When this option is enabled, administrators can format and test the email templates without disrupting or confusing end-users with unwanted messages. The redirected email messages indicates the intended email recipient as well as the actual format of the message body, so that administrators can check the accuracy of the message during the configuration process.

To turn on this feature:

  • Access the AIMS Configuration User Interface.
  • In the "Options" pane, click on "Email".
  • In the "Outgoing Email" section in the right hand pane, check the "Redirect all emails to an Override email address" check box
  • Enter a valid SMTP email address in the "Override Email Address" text box
  • Click the "Save" button at the top of the screen
  • All system-generated emails will now be redirected to the email address specified.


Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit
San Diego, CA

Avatier is a Premier Sponsor of this event. We have a limited number of tickets available for qualifying customers. To find out if you qualify, please contact your Avatier sales representative.