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Avatier Cautions CIOs on 2015 Information Security Investments

San Ramon, CA — November 6, 2014 — Despite all the money being spent on overall security measures, the failure of CIOs to continuously monitor identity programs is one of the leading causes of increased breaches. That's the conclusion drawn in Ryan Ward's "Risk Should Point to Identity Management Investment" blog released last week. Ward is Avatier's CISO and draws his conclusion based on years of experience with major corporations involved in monitoring and purchasing security products in all areas of corporate protection.

"As hard as I stress other areas of information security, the 'identity' continues to be the ultimate endpoint of conversation," Ward notes. "An identity leads to an account: an account leads to access; access leads to inappropriate actions, breaches and most other security topics. Ultimately, the 'identity', even when it relates to a service account, is what gains access to data and information that causes accidental or malicious harm."

Ultimately, risk management methodologies should be applied when deciding what technologies should be purchased by an organization given so many solutions on the market that cover individual segments of security. "A simple question to ask is 'if I control new account creation, quickly delete access to terminated workers, successfully audit existing access and control passwords, will that reduce risk more than implementing other security solutions," Ward adds. He recommends that CIOs take a second look at their security plans for 2015 and re-evaluate the benefits of all investments in terms of risk reduction. "You may find that applying more focus on managing identities will provide the greatest return on your IT security and operational investments," he concludes.

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