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Avatier Stresses Improved Enterprise Password Management In Wake Of Rising Security Breaches and Magnitude

76% of all information security breaches still based on weak or stolen passwords

San Ramon, CA — October 20, 2014 — Despite all the money being spent on security measures, from endpoints to data leak prevention, to database security, the single largest information security vulnerability continues to be weak or stolen passwords according to one of the security industry's annual studies. However, developing password management best practices is not a daunting task, notes Nelson Cicchitto, CEO of Avatier in a blog post carried by EDUCAUSE®, the country's foremost community of IT leaders and professionals committed to advancing higher education. Avatier is one of the world's leaders in risk-driven identity management software.

"I am certain almost every organization has the main concepts already defined, although possibly not matured," he points out in the blog Improving Password Security Shouldn't Be Rocket Science. "There is a need to evaluate a program's maturity against top practices. This can ensure both an improvement in security and lower operational costs."

The blog points to six specific best practices and provides in-depth insights into each of them:

  1. Enforcing Strong Passwords
  2. Eliminating Multiple Passwords
  3. Investigating and Embracing Single Sign-On
  4. Using a One-to-Many Password Policy
  5. Syncing All Passwords
  6. Embracing the Benefits of Self-service

"Strong passwords and password policies aren't the entire solution to access management," Cicchitto stresses. "In fact, they are only the beginning. I would highly recommend an annual risk assessment for your entire security solution. You might be surprised at how many elements are up to par, and relieved to know that you can remediated those that aren't."

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Avatier is the identity management company designed for business users. We automate and unify enterprise operations by standardizing business processes with an IT store. Our IT service catalog creates a single system of record for access requests and IT audit.

Our easily extensible identity management system lowers operational costs and provides corporate governance visibility. Avatier automates workflow and compliance reviews to reduce IT governance risks.

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