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Avatier Puts Gartner Identity Governance And Administration (IGA) Magic Quadrant In Perspective

Companies Reminded To Augment Decisions with Additional Factors

SAN RAMON, Calif. — January 29, 2014 — Gartner's Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Magic Quadrant came out earlier this month and Avatier, a leader in the Identity Governance and Administration space, is reminding IT executives that the ultimate part of decision-making is often "other data".

In his most recent blog post "Gartner IGA Magic Quadrant Revealed", Ryan Ward, Avatier's Chief Innovation Officer, points out that there are still numerous senior IT executives who preach that architecture and strategy should never be outsourced. "Yet they rely on research reports such as Magic Quadrants, Waves, and MarketScapes, as their primary decision-making tool for strategic IT purchases." Ward warns. "This is a recipe for disaster. There is a need for more internal due diligence."

The blog points out that the move toward business-focused IGA means solutions should take into account all aspects of an identity's needs including access, assets and even service requests. It also means that key security and governance tasks should be delegated to the business rather than IT. Increased IT automation coupled with robust self-service features can enable the transition to a business-focused IGA solution.

"Business users who understand the application entitlements and services being requested should perform approvals and access certifications," Ward recommends.

"Leverage research reports, but more importantly, understand your specific internal requirements by partnering with your business users. Many of the companies presented as 'leaders' in these reports often possess a technical, rather than business, focus," Ward concludes. "Apply more focus to understanding your internal requirements by partnering with the business. This not only will give you more data to make the right decision, but it will raise your status in the business and help you gain support throughout the project."

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