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Companies Urged To Examine Problems With The Process

SAN RAMON, California — October 28, 2013 — Avatier Corp., a leader in risk-driven identity management software, has just released recommendations for companies mining roles to determine appropriate access for their workers. The three key areas for examination are detailed in "Role Mining's Tremendous Value To Identity Management Automation" by Ryan Ward, Avatier's Chief Innovation Officer.

"Regardless of whether you are using sophisticated software or manual role mining approaches, it is important to think logically through the process," said Ward. "Making assumptions about HR, directory and entitlement data can truly derail your efforts."

Avatier's recommendations for identity access management role mining include:

  • Based on the HR and/or directory data, IT should determine what data points actually constitute a role. In some organizations, this could simply be the "title" field of the identity. However, in many other organizations and additional attribute may need to be applied to define the role.
  • Never assume current entitlement assignments are accurate. When IT starts to look at existing user access entitlements, they should not assume that their current access is actually appropriate access. If workers have been at an organization for years, for example, they may have accumulated excess rights that are no longer needed.
  • Take a step back and focus on solving underlying data problems with HR data. In order to "mine" user and entitlement data, there must be some standards to place around the identity data being mined.

"Ultimately, this is a time consuming task," Ward added. "It's important to consider whether doing this manually is even feasible anymore."

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