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Avatier Extends Enterprise User Provisioning Management

AIMS v7.1 Incorporates Market-Leading Features Driven by Major Enterprise Customers

SAN RAMON, CA--(Marketwire - May 20, 2008) - Avatier Corporation, a leading provider of identity and access management products for mid-range and global enterprises, today announced the availability of Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) 7.1. This release of Avatier's next generation password management and user provisioning suite includes a number of industry first enhancements for enterprise deployments that greatly simplify administration, implementation, and the user experience.

The benefits of user provisioning automation should increase as enterprises get larger and more distributed. However, many organizations find it difficult to gain economies of scale because their identity management systems lack the management tools to identify and remediate process failures before they result in bottlenecks or provisioning failures. The result is often poor quality of service and excessive administrative costs as processes that should be automated require extensive manual intervention.

"Our objective for this release was to provide unmatched levels of visibility and control over the provisioning process," said Nelson Cicchitto, Avatier's Chairman & CEO. "As we researched unmet market requirements for user provisioning, medium and large enterprises repeatedly cited the inability of legacy systems to recognize and proactively prevent identity management process failures, such as workflow approvers that are no longer active and connectors that are down. With AIMS 7.1, problems are identified and fixed before they impact service delivery."

New AIMS 7.1 features include:

  • Sick Roles™ - identifies any role or privilege that cannot be successfully assigned due to the current problems with workflow approvers, licensing, or connector status. (e.g. connector unavailable, workflow approver logon account became disabled, etc.)
  • Active Identity Verification™ - ensures logon names stay synchronized by pre-screening user names before creating accounts.
  • Workflow Approver Attestation™ - automatically provides periodic re-certification of workflow participation.
  • Identity Succession™ - provides application-wide search and replace reassignment of administrative and management responsibilities.
  • Active Workflow Validation™ - enables real-time assurance that all approvers' logon accounts are enabled and have valid email addresses.
  • Visual Rules™ - "programming free" provisioning rules that control actions (like send email, enable account, etc.) based on user properties or transaction type.
  • Oracle Database Support - for AIMS' auditing, account linking, and Business Services Repository.

Since the release of AIMS 7.0 with self-service provisioning and workflow, enterprises of all sizes in industries ranging from hospitality and gaming to government, energy and manufacturing have deployed the product to achieve greater automation and control over their identity management processes. Leveraging Avatier's streamlined deployment methodology, proof of concept deployments are completed in less than one week and full scale deployments in a few months.

A key element of the AIMS design is an advanced web services-based architecture that enables customization to be done quickly and then incorporated as standard components of the product. Avatier consultants work with customers to implement required features and prioritize incorporation and testing of those features in the standard release. Many of the new features in AIMS 7.1 were originally created as customer-driven extensions.

"Since our inception, Avatier has taken a unique programming-free approach to making Password Management easier for our customers to deploy, customize, and administer," said Cicchitto. "The new enterprise features in AIMS 7.1 underscore our commitment to that approach and reflect the next step in achieving the same benefits for the User Provisioning market."

About Avatier Identity Management (AIMS) Suite

Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) is designed for streamlined deployment that delivers immediate, measurable business results and provides midrange and large enterprises a path to compliance, better security, and reduced IT strain. AIMS is built on an enterprise-strength architecture that leverages market-proven web service technology, along with input of over a million managed accounts, to automate daily operational processes such as user provisioning, account management, and self service password reset and password synchronization. Modules such as Avatier Password Management (Password Station and Password Bouncer) and Avatier User Provisioning (Account Terminator, Account Creator, and Identity Enforcer) can be added to an enterprise with a phased approach, ensuring ease of deployment and immediate ROI.