Compliance Manager Software

FERPA, FISMA, FIPS 200, NIST 800-53, HIPAA, NERC and SOX compliance manager

Avatier identity management software suite (AIMS) reduces IT security risks by offering a holistic compliance manager for federal agencies, enterprises and universities. AIMS supports identity management access governance, IT risk management and password management compliance reviews and reporting. AIMS compliance software deploys in the shortest time at the lowest costs.

Compliance Manager Acceleration

According to the 2012-2013 Global Competitiveness Report, the most regulated economies in the world are the most secure and profitable too.

With compliance regulations, the impact on organizations is they perform better, operate with greater efficiency, and produce better results. Rather than viewing compliance management IT audits as operational overhead, top performing companies use compliance regulations to determine goals, identify targets, reach sustainable performance levels, and establish measures for continuous improvement.

Avatier identity and access governance compliance management software presents a holistic unified platform to meet and even exceed regulations. AIMS enhances business value while promoting information security by automating IT operations, workflow approval, and self-service administration.

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Avatier Compliance Manager Software

Avatier identity management software (AIMS) offers a unified compliance solution. AIMS deploys in the shortest time at the lowest cost. Avatier compliance manager automates the following IT operations:

  • Identity Enforcer identity management user provisioning
  • Group Requester self-service group management
  • Compliance Auditor access certification and governance
  • Group Enforcer automatic group management
  • Identity Analyzer IT risk management
  • Password Station password management
  • Password Bouncer password policy
  • AIMS enables non-technical professionals to report and monitor compliance of user accounts, access verifications, and groups without call center support.
  • With AIMS, IT organizations and government agencies reduce IT security risks.
  • AIMS takes compliance to the next level by delivering business management solutions that are simply more effective and make organizations more secure.
  • AIMS delivers real time compliance software accountability by enabling you to manage and sustain optimum information security throughout your enterprise.

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FISMA, HIPAA, NERC and SOX Compliance Manager Software

Avatier compliance manager software automates identity management and access governance for the following compliance regulations:

Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) engages business managers and business professionals to take responsibility and be accountable for compliance. Through self-service business user administration and automated corporate policy enforcement with approval workflow, AIMS gives you complete and holistic visibility into user accounts, access priviledges, roles, groups, and enterprise security risks.

The AIMS compliance manager automates enterprise policy violation checks. AIMS identifies and alerts you to users with out of compliance segregation of duties, groups with rogue members, and orphaned accounts. AIMS alerts you to take corrective actions to ensure compliance and reduce risks.

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