Avatier Compliance Software

Identity Management, Governance, IT Risk Management, Password Management

Avatier identity management software suite (AIMS) offers a unified framework for automating user provisioning, access governance, IT risk management and password management. AIMS identity and access management audit controls deploy in the shortest time at the lowest cost. With AIMS, IT operations meet or exceed FERPA, FISMA, FIPS 200, NIST 800-53, HIPAA HITECH, NERC CIP & SOX regulations.

Avatier Compliance Software Assurance

For top enterprises, compliance initiatives are more than meeting a specific regulation. Compliance management is more than a one-time event. Compliance regulations provide guidelines for organizations to continuously improve through processes, actions and reporting that is repeatable, sustainable and cost-effective.

AIMS streamlines costs, reduces risks and assures FERPA, FISMA, HIPAA, NERC and SOX compliance through automation and self-service administration.

Before AIMS, IT administrators and help desk support were solely responsible for IT audits and compliance management operations. AIMS gives organizations and agencies an additional set of eyes and audit controls to oversee information security.

AIMS gives you clear visibility into enterprise risks and the effectiveness of you compliance software audit controls. AIMS features real time reporting, snapshot accountability, and automated alerts to suspicious and out of compliance activities.

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FERPA, FISMA, FIPS 200, NIST, HIPAA, NERC & SOX Compliance Software

Avatier compliance software provide a readably configurable and quick to integrate approach to automating corporate policies for compliance regulations. AIMS identity management and access governance capabilities deliver NIST, HIPAA, NERC and SOX regulatory compliance while reducing operational costs and sustaining improved levels of user provisioning, access certification, and password security.

AIMS identity manager maintains consistent compliance audit controls and management across an enterprise. AIMS automates workflows, approvals and notifications to reduce overall compliance costs and eliminate human error.

With AIMS, business users line managers, group owners and virtually any staff, professional or role can take responsibility and control for auditing access privileges user account activities, and enterprise password access. AIMS gives management and professionals closest to the work a tool to overlook and be accountable for compliance management operations.

Avatier Compliance Software Automation

Avatier compliance software automates identity management and access governance information security. The AIMS identity manager features automated IT and self-service audit controls, holistic reporting, sustainable operations and optimum identity management cyber security.

AIMS automates processes necessary for government and industry regulatory compliance. AIMS configures readily with over 90 systems and runs on the Windows, Unix and IBM operating systems. AIMS compliance software extends compliance management responsibilities to business users and managers.

By providing self-service administration through workflow enabled processes, AIMS enforces corporate policies and business rules to determine employee access to systems, resources, facilities and equipment. AIMS also initiates de-provisioning automatically into workflow so delinquent and over-provisioning do not occur while segregation of duties is maintained whenever employees transfer positions, change roles and participate in new groups.

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