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Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) 9.5

AIMS 9.5 makes enterprises more efficient and secure than ever.

AIMS now features short message service (SMS) for two-factor authentication without smart cards, tokens and securID.

AIMS Updates

AIMSAggregate risk score and risk radar show a user's risk in context to your organization and the request.
AIMSIIS optimization boosts application performance tenfold.
AIMSEnhanced access controls let you better manage your AIMS configuration.
AIMSManage your Office 365 instance the same as an on-premise Exchange environment.
AIMSNew branding configuration allows you to apply custom style sheets per AIMS module.
AIMSImproved performance for user collection as well as extended attribute collection.
AIMSConnector monitoring ensures connectors are running and sends an alert when a connector is down.
AIMSHTML based email templates.
AIMSComplete LANDesk web service ticketing integration.
AIMSImproved grid search capabilities across the AIMS configuration suite, including the Approver and Workflow Administrator screens.
AIMSNew tree controls boosts UI configuration performance
AIMSCustom 1-Click report capabilities allow you to run reports based on customer-specific requirements.
AIMSEnhanced AIMS configuration and usage analytics reporting.
AIMSNew connectors for Custom Scripting Connector, GENBAND, McAfee End Point Encryption, Microsoft Lync, Office 365, and SuccessFactors.com.

Password Station Enhancements

Password StationDescription
Password StationSMS authentication allows users secondary authentication via SMS notification
Password StationSMS authentication integration with Help Desk systems
Password StationSMS phone number verification during enrollment process
Password StationSMS configuration for carrier based, a paid for SMS solution, or in-house SMS solutions
Password StationMultiple questions for Help Desk to verify employee identity

Identity Enforcer Enhancements

Identity EnforcerDescription
Identity EnforcerStore intelligence visually presents information about the items in your business service catalog and IT store, such as the number of requests for an item, how long fulfillment takes and risks.
Identity EnforcerService catalog risk scoring assigns risk scores to your systems, access privileges and user accounts to give a holistic view of a user's risk in your environment.
Identity EnforcerMulti-grantor functionality enables multiple levels of grantors required to perform actions on requests for assets and access to virtual systems.
Identity EnforcerDynamic delegation based on complex hierarchies.
Identity EnforcerQuick links directly from the Approver and Workflow administrator screens to Identity Enforcer.
Identity EnforcerQuick links to the In Process, Access Request and Request History screens give you the details related to virtual and asset privileges.
Identity EnforcerMulti-request capabilities let you manage multiple direct reports with a single request.
Identity EnforcerBulk cart requests provide the ability to submit multiple requests from a command line tool using a CSV file without having to manually make requests.
Identity EnforcerHR feed write back allows a stored procedure to update data in your feed and push data to other databases.
Identity EnforcerUser Favorites empowers users to set items as favorites for quick access to their most requested items.
Identity EnforcerBusiness service catalog images stored in a database allow for inheritance from a parent container.
Identity EnforcerSegregation Of Duties (SOD) across privileges and roles.
Identity EnforcerWhen deleting AD Users with nodes underneath them, delete their sub-nodes so you can remove the users.
Identity EnforcerDiscard all Identity Enforcer role and privilege assignments on Delete.
Identity EnforcerKeep removal requests for grantor when an Enrollment Account is deleted.
Identity EnforcerRemove non-primary Active Directory groups on Disable.
Identity EnforcerCancel Identity Enforcer requests when authoritative source user is disabled.
Identity EnforcerRemove Active Directory Mail, Division, Manager, Webpage and Phone Number Attribute on Disable.
Identity EnforcerRevoke virtual privileges and assets when an Enrollment Account is Disabled
Identity EnforcerImport data collected by Identity Analyzer into Identity Enforcer and Service Catalog.
Identity EnforcerImproved performance for the optimized handling large volumes of data.

Compliance Auditor Enhancements

Compliance AuditorDescription
Compliance AuditorCompliance intelligence delivers analytics associated to open and assigned projects for better decision-making.
Compliance AuditorCompliance intelligence integration with Identity Enforcer and Service Catalog risk scoring.
Compliance AuditorReassign an object when someone else should perform it.
Compliance AuditorDelta audits streamline repetitive audits by performing audit activities on what changed.
Compliance AuditorScheduled audits let you schedule recurring audit projects on a regular basis.
Compliance AuditorEmployee certification allows for employee self-certification whenever they need access assigned.
Compliance AuditorManager certification gives managers the ability to audit and validate access for their direct reports.
Compliance AuditorProject diagnostic tracker lets project owners troubleshoot the collection status of their projects

Identity Analyzer Enhancements

Identity AnalyzerDescription
Identity AnalyzerImproved performance collection processes.
Identity AnalyzerImport data collected by Identity Analyzer into Identity Enforcer and Service Catalog.