Avatier Group Requester Eliminates your Enterprise Risk Management Cyber Security Exposure

Avatier Group Requester Eliminates your Enterprise Risk Management Cyber Security Exposure

It’s time to put the trusted group accountability in the hands of business owners, rather than IT. Avatier Group Requester lets business users request membership while workflow automation controls changes and applies cyber security software audit controls.

Let business users request groups to add to your systems without impeding IT. Automate workflow and establish group management self service for group and email distribution list management.

Group Requester allows you to:

  • Set primary and secondary owners while making business owners responsible for group renewals and management.
  • Request additional group members. Request removal of group members. Request new group owners. Request renaming the group or description.
  • Create group expiration to prevent groups from extending beyond their purpose. It notifies a group owner before erasing groups and deletes them when they reach end of life.
  • Prevent similar groups from being created through rule based group management.
  • Improve IT cyber security and reduces confusion by automatically enforcing group naming conventions and removing redundant group memberships.
  • Prevent group requests from incoming users in wrong departments, further securing group network and limiting cyber threats before they happen.
  • Combine best rule based group management with intuitively easy to use self service group provisioning.
  • Enforce attribute-based permissions to add cyber security audit controls, which govern who requests groups and where they are created.

Group Requester sets boundaries on who can create groups. Essentially, it rids your system of group management cyber security threats before they happen.

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Written by Steven Tran