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Streamline user identity management to lower costs, enhance operational efficiency, mitigate risk, and achieve regulatory compliance in the hospitality and gaming industry.

Identity Solutions for Hospitality and Gaming Industry

Password Management

Avatier's Access Control (AC) and Identification and Authentication (IA) password manager software conceals authentication feedback and restricts access following a specified number of unsuccessful login attempts.

Lifecycle Management

In the hospitality and gaming industry, approval workflow and separation of duties controls guarantee privileges are granted in accordance with corporate policies and external regulations. The combination of self-service access requests and automated provisioning positions it as the optimal IAM system for hospitality and gaming establishments.

Single Sign-On

With SSO implemented, users only need to remember one password, reducing shortcuts and minimizing opportunities for security vulnerabilities among staff and employees in the hospitality and gaming sector.

Access Governance

Automate access certification compliance management and Active Directory group management. Avatier's access governance software audit controls and reporting automatically manage individual and group compliance risks, ensuring adherence to industry regulations.

Identity Access Management Software for the Casino and Gaming Industry

Identity Access Management Software for the Casino and Gaming Industry

Whether implemented under the auspices of a state gaming commission, the National Indian Gaming Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission, business councils (e.g. PCI for payment card processing), or sound management practices, all gaming sites must comply with a complex maze of standards and regulations. Strong controls on user identities and role-based access control are essential for compliance, ensuring each user’s access to IT applications and resources is specified and enforced.

Lifecycle Management that delivers IT automation<br />

Lifecycle Management that delivers IT automation

Avatier integrates role lifecycle management to accommodate change and maintain the quality and reliability of the role model. This ensures that role-based access control remains efficient and effective as organizations in the hospitality and gaming industry continue to evolve.

Support for Multi-Factor Third Party Authentication

In the hospitality and gaming sector, Avatier's support for multi-factor third-party authentication provides an additional layer of protection, safeguarding access to sensitive data and systems. This feature enables seamless and secure access to a wide range of applications and resources, ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

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