Identity Enforcer Role Lifecycle Management

Creating a role model is only the first step of the process. Now you must maintain it for accuracy and completeness as your business evolves, much like retailers must manage the contents of their store.

For many organizations, maintaining a role model or to manage user access rights to internal resources is an unfamiliar and impossible task because they lack the experience. Employee onboarding and offboarding, departmental reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions – all represent changes that affect role definitions and role membership.

Privilege and Role Lifecycle Management

Without a simple maintainable way to accommodate and manage change, the quality and reliability of the role model deteriorates, reducing the efficiency and effectiveness of role-based access control.

Avatier Identity Enforcer integrates role lifecycle management to effectively accommodate change and keep the quality and reliability of the role model in place. This ensures that the role-based access control remains efficient and effective as organizations continue to evolve.

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Improve Operational Efficiency and Accuracy

The integrated role management feature of Avatier Identity Enforcer integrated role management simplifies the management of roles over the entire lifecycle of definition, maintenance, and retirement process— automating workflows, ensuring change control, and improving administrative efficiency. By uUtilizing a business-friendly web-based interface, users across the enterprise can easily create and modify roles, perform role analysis, approve roles, certify roles, or deactivate roles.

User Provisioning Features

  • Compliance Management
    • Policy Enforcement
    • Activity Monitoring
  • Role Management
    • Role Creation
    • Lifecycle Management
    • Role Assignment