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Identity and Access Management

User Provisioning ⋅ Service Catalog ⋅ Access Governance IT Risk Management ⋅ Password Management

Avatier identity and access management software automates IT operations to make business processes more efficient. Avatier's software makes organizations more secure and people more productive. Avatier's identity management software adapts to the needs of business users by delivering a unified framework for self-service user provisioning, service catalog, access governance, IT risk management and password management.

User Provisioning Software

Businesses must quickly respond to user provisioning and de-provisioning requests. Accurate and timely assigning and removing permissions in a dynamic business environment requires efficient user provisioning and de-provisioning. Avatier user provisioning software automates workflow and approval processes. It offers business users the option of self-service administration of their own user accounts and groups. Avatier's IT store user provisioning software is as easy as shopping online. It reduces the time and resources required for provisioning users.

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Access Governance Software

Business users require the right access to critical information and systems. Avatier's access governance software makes managers responsible for identity and access governance of employee, consultant and partner access compliance. Failure for highly regulated organizations in healthcare, government agencies and financial institutions to demonstrate compliance risk management may mean they are operating outside the law. Avatier's access certification software hands the IT compliance management operational burden over to those who know best who needs what.

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Service Catalog Software

Businesses need to unify business services and IT service catalog operations. Service catalog software empowers business users and managers to make requests and perform approvals through self-service. Service catalog software uses data from authoritative sources along with a business rules engine to automate workflow and ensure the proper routing of requests and approvals. Service Catalog software revolutionizes the way organizations perform service catalog management. It makes business processes for receiving, assigning and fulfilling requests transparent and compliant.

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Password Management Software

Enterprises must manage user passwords, assign permissions and track usage. Password management software organizes and synchronizes passwords across enterprise systems while enforcing a unified password policy. Avatier's password management software offers a secure self-service solution that enables business users to reset forgotten passwords unlock their accounts and synchronize their passwords through self-service. Avatier's supports the widest range of security protocols so you can extend security beyond the capabilities found in Active Directory and other systems.

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IT Risk Management Software

IT organizations seek to accelerate risk identification, analysis and response. IT risk management software informs IT operations to take corrective actions against risks. Avatier's IT risk management software enables informed balanced scorecard decision-making. It marries business performance management with enterprise risk management to optimally meet goals, measure objectives and track performance. Avatier's identity intelligence software automates the collection and reporting of data to communicate IT risks and system vulnerabilities so organizations can prioritize response strategies.

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