Webster Bank Saw Immediate Results with a 70% Decrease in Password Reset Requests

Webster Bank Saw Immediate Results with a 70% Decrease in Password Reset Requests

Webster Bank was founded in 1935 by Harold Webster Smith. Growing from humble roots, Webster Bank has become the leading regional bank in the Northeast and offer a full range of financial services to their customers including personal, business, commercial and institutional banking. They expanded from Connecticut into neighboring states, and continually work toward expanding their customer base.

The Problem

With 3,400 employees strong and growing, Webster Bank is in a position where it needs to reduce password requests to its service desk. It is also one of many banks that faces increasingly-strict government regulations when it comes to protecting sensitive identity information.

There has been a recent push for regulations that will require lenders to do more to protect their customers’ data and to create robust systems that will be able to operate in the face of cyber-attacks.

The Solution

Webster Bank chose Avatier’s Password Station for its easy implementation with Active Directory and its military approved security features. Webster Bank is also looking into utilizing Avatier, whose products exceed military-standard security protocols, to help achieve this goal. Their first step is to potentially add MFA Biometrics technology in order to enhance their authentication for Password Station.


Andrew Vollaro, VIP, IT Service Delivery and Operations, knew from previous experience that he could turn to Avatier. Even with stringent privacy regulations and a few roadblocks, installation was completed in less than a week. Despite choosing to initially implement the solution on a voluntary enrollment basis, Webster Bank saw immediate results with a 70% decrease in password requests. Mr. Vollaro stated “It’s the ease of installation, the ease of use, and the user interface which made the difference.”


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Written by Rowena Bonnette