Identity Management Training

Avatier Education Services provides a comprehensive curriculum to enhance your knowledge of our products. Our instructors apply “real world” experience to answers to the challenges you face every day. Our goal is to help you receive optimum value from your investment. Our intensive training guarantees your absolute benefit from our Identity Management Products.



This comprehensive course teaches you to how to install, configure and use the Avatier Identity Anywhere products to solve real world identity an access management challenges.

Through classroom lecture and hands-on lab exercises, participants gain the knowledge needed to master the successful planning, installation, configuration, deployment and maintenance of Avatier’s Password Management, User Provisioning, Compliance and Risk Analytics modules.

Upon completion of the course, participants are awarded a certificate for passing the Avatier Identity Anywhere Certification exam.

Session 1001
Date TBD
Format Instructor-Led with Labs
Price $5,000 USD
Duration 5 Days
Language English

Learn how to

  • Prepare your Avatier Identity Anywhere environment
  • Install and license the Avatier Identity Anywhere software
  • Configure and use Password Management and Password Bouncer
  • Configure your environment for user on-boarding and off-boarding
  • Quickly fill your IT Store with privileges and roles
  • Configure dynamic workflows for access request approvals
  • Drive user provisioning and off-boarding through an HR Feed
  • Setup compliance and risk auditing
  • Control access to the system
  • Master the command line utilities included with Avatier Identity Anywhere
  • Advanced troubleshooting


  • Systems Engineers
  • AMSE
  • Web Administrator
  • Help Desk Managers
  • Project/Business Process Managers
  • Network Administrators Integrators
  • Database Administrator
  • HR Managers
  • Technical Consultants


  • Basic understanding of hiring and termination practices
  • Basic Active Directory account set up and understanding Active Directory Permissions
  • Basic Microsoft IIS Server skills
  • Basic understanding of other operating system platforms such as UNIX
  • Windows server skills
  • SQL Server skills
  • Basic Microsoft Exchange or other E-mail system skills


  • Understand the Avatier Identity Anywhere architecture
  • Install and configure Avatier Identity Anywhere
  • Configure self service password management
  • Configure password complexity policies
  • Configure account termination options
  • Configure archiving options
  • Build the “IT Store”
  • Configure workflow approvers
  • Provision users
  • Off-board users
  • Configure visibility options and delegated user management
  • Build an HR Feed for user provisioning
  • Configure group enforcement
  • Configure attestation and recertification
  • Obtain management reports


Day 1

  • Identity Anywhere Deployments
  • Legacy, On-Premise Docker, Hosted Docker
  • Identity Anywhere Architecture
  • DevOps, Professional Services and Support
  • Identity Anywhere Agent Server Requirements & Installation
  • Identity Anywhere Deployments & Licensing
  • Global Configuration Settings
  • Password Management / Password Bouncer Configuration

Day 2

  • Account Terminator – Configuration settings
  • Lifecycle Management – Concepts
  • Lifecycle Management – Configuration
  • Lifecycle Management – Building out the Business Services Repository
  • Lifecycle Management – Requesting Access
  • Lifecycle Management – Approving Requests
  • Lifecycle Management – Delegation
  • Lifecycle Management – Visible By
  • Lifecycle Management – Email Templates

Day 3

  • Lifecycle Management – Workflow Administrator
  • Lifecycle Management – Grantors
  • Lifecycle Management – HR Feeds
  • Lifecycle Management – Forms
  • Lifecycle Management – Store Manager
  • SSO Single Sign-On

Day 4

  • Group Self-service – Letting users request groups and managing their memberships
  • Group Automation – Enforcing group membership based on enforcement source criteria
  • Reporting
  • Identity Analyzer
  • Access Governance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Quiz Questions from AIMS Certification Exam