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Avatier for Military & Defense

Designed to exceed military security standards and built to protect global service branches, defense contractors and personnel from the latest security vulnerabilities..

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Identity Solutions for Military & Defense Sector

Password Management

Password Management

Designed to protect against identity theft and other security threats while reducing costs by eliminating password-related help desk queries, Avatier meets or exceeds U.S. military security standards.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On

Identify which services are being used and cut down your usage when needed. Save money by scaling back on your underutilized SaaS licenses and reduce your cyber risk at the same time.

Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management

Avatier's automated lifecycle management solutions prevent unauthorized access to government networks and timely deployment of equipment, while streamlining administration, removing errors and lowering costs.

Access Governance

Access Governance

Automate and manage access certifications and user account reporting to reduce the manual complexity and costs of identifying and removing access governance risks.

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Defense Companies SSO Security

Simple access to secure sites with Single Sign-On

The Military and Defense sector understands the need for securely delivering easy and convenient access to information and services for active and retired personnel and their families. To deliver these programs, IT departments must manage considerable resources and hold sensitive information.

Avatier Single Sign-On tracks all new user requests, change requests and application usage. The Avatier SSO Terms of Use Tracker feature tracks access and approval to cloud applications. By keeping access controlled and logged, your agency will be better positioned to respond to audits and reporting requirements.

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Support for Multi-Factor Third Party Authentication

Support for Third party factors

Enterprise In-House Cloud Apps

Connect to unlimited app support

Office 365
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