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Best Single Sign-On Solution

Enterprise Password Management Single sign-on (SSO) Software

One-click access to all of your applications

Password Management Single Sign-on Software

Single sign-on software technology connects enterprise systems, applications and databases. As systems become more complex and businesses require greater mobility, the ideal single sign-on experience enables access to all company networks and applications with one logon using one password. Avatier is the industry leader in providing clients around the world with the very best single sign-on solution that will streamline the logon process at any company, which in turn saves employers precious time and money.

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Improve Productivity with Single Sign-On Software

Avatier single sign-on software dramatically improves employee productivity. Out of the necessity to increase information security, passwords require greater complexity to reduce enterprise risks. Now, instead of bogging down with multiple, hard-to-remember passwords, employees only need to remember one. Password Station makes employee, consultant and partner password management a reality by preventing easy to crack passwords and enforcing corporate password policy. When business users only need to remember one password, the single sign-on experience reduces help desk calls for forgotten passwords, which wastes time, services and money.

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Take Advantage Of Single sign-on Technology Today

The benefits of single sign-on applications extend to administrators too. SSO software reduces the help desk burden from the manual time required to manage many accounts for each employee is removed. With SSO software, administrators manage only one account for each business user. SSO streamlines administration while saving time and money. Best of all, with the advanced technology and software that Avatier provides, single sign-on implementation can occur quickly and easily.

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Avatier Single sign-on Software Solution

Single sign-on Software Solution Avatier Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise identity governance and administration solutions (IGA), offers a complete enterprise single sign-on (SSO) and enterprise password management solution. Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) suite, the industry's most comprehensive and affordable IGA solution, now includes web single sign-on capabilities.

To improve upon its proven enterprise password management system, AIMS adds SSO along with seamless Microsoft Active Directory integration. The AIMS web platform enables customers to realize the benefits of SSO without installing a client on each desktop. Avatier offers a multilingual, end-to-end IGA solution that consistently delivers return on investment (ROI) in three to six months.

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SSO and Enterprise Password Management Administration

By adding a SSO solution to the AIMS suite, Avatier decreases overall IT operational costs by eliminating the burden of resetting passwords, unlocking accounts, and enforcing password policy. Avatier Password Station allows administrators to quickly approve new users for access to online corporate assets, and incorporates additional authentication methods when users are accessing applications, systems, databases and directories from outside a trusted network. To learn more about an amazing single sign experience, call an Avatier representative.

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