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Gartner Magic Quadrant IGA Password Management

Enterprise password management software with self-service password reset

Avatier Password Station

Avatier's enterprise password management software, Password Station, lets business users reset, unlock and synchronize their passwords via a web portal, touch tone phone, RSA token, voice recognition and even biometrics.

Avatier Offers:

  • Self-service password management 24 x 7
  • 100% usage with forced enrollment
  • Stronger passwords
  • Real-time, scheduled and 1-click reports

Enterprise Password Management

Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) IGA Password Management

Password StationHelp desk facilitated reset.
Password StationHelp-desk controlled password reset.
Password StationAutomated help desk ticketing for password resets.
Password StationLocked ID Reset.
Password StationLocked ID reset via web, phone, voice biometrics, RSA, GINA, Windows 7, and Vista Credentials Provider.
Password StationSelf-service password reset.
Password StationSelf-service password reset account unlock synchronized to all supported enterprise systems.
Password StationPassword reset supported for web, phone (touch tone), voice biometrics, RSA, GINA, Windows 7, and Vista Credentials Provider.
Password StationIntegrated Voice Response (IVR) interface support.
Password StationTwo-factor authentication.
Password StationRSA SecurID and additional factors of authentication.
Password StationConfigure challenge questions.
Password StationUser creation of challenge and response questions.
Password StationExtendable to accept fuzzy challenge questions.
Password StationPassword synchronization and propagation.
Password StationSynchronization initiated via target system password change.
Password StationSimultaneously register a single password for multiple accounts, networks and a single login to the network.
Password StationAutomated continuously retries accounts based on a time duration set by an administrator.
Password StationSynch passwords to all online available systems.
Password StationSynchronization workflow when one or more systems are down and continue synch without aborting.
Password StationChange Windows password while logged in.
Password StationChange cached Windows password.
Password StationConnector management and customization.
Password StationAgent-based system with agents on each target Unix, as400, and mainframe system.
Password StationTarget systems' native API for ldap, SAP, Oracle, Novell, JD Edwards, Infinium, MS SQL.
Password StationReset, synch capabilities for targets not natively supported through built-in template interface.
Password StationSelf-service connector development SDK.
Password StationExternal identity proofing services support for capcha challenge response.
Password StationHelp desk/problem management systems integration.
Password StationTicketing systems: Axios Assyst, BMC/Remedy ARS, CA Unicenter, Help Desk Clarify, eFrontOffice, FrontRange HEAT, HP Service Desk, LANDesk, Peregrine ServiceCenter, Siebel ERM, SupportSoft, and Tivoli Service Desk.
Password StationEvent logging and reporting capabilities.
Password Station35 enterprise password management reports.
Password StationReport creation generated through open SQL calls.
Password StationPassword reset and synchronization connectors for system platforms, directories, databases, applications, and access control systems.
Password StationSystem connectors for Self service password reset and password management: HP, IBM, Linux, ActiveDirectory and Sun Solaris.
Password StationDirectories connectors: IBM Directory Server, Linux Fedora Directory Server, Active Directory LightweightDirectory Services (AD LDS), Novell eDirectory (NDS), OpenLDAP, Oracle InternetDirectory, and Sun Java System Directory Server (iPlanet, Sun ONE).
Password StationDatabase connectors: IBM DB2/UDB, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0/2000, MySQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, and Sybase.
Password StationAUTHENTICATION: ActivCard, ActivCard Authentication, ActivIdentity Provisioning, RSA SecurID"
Password StationAvailable PIN reset capability for authentication tokens such as smart cards and one-time password tokens.
Password StationOut-of-the-box application connectors: Agilysys LMS, Bally SDS, CMS400, SOAPS, Google Apps, HP Service Desk, Infinium, InfoGenesis POS, JD Edwards, KRONOS AS/400, IBM Lotus Notes, and McKesson Horizon Clinical Infrastructure (HCI).
Password StationOut-of-the-box application connectors: Micros 9700 POS, Microsoft Forefront, Microsoft Lync, Oracle E-Business Applications, PeopleSoft Remote, PeopleSoft 8.4, Remote Command Line, Salesforce CRM.